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    Cross platform Plus suspension swap question [lower control arm compatibility]

    I'm getting ready to swap my B4 TDi's suspension to VR6 parts for the 5 lug upgrade and better handling capability [and because it's cheaper than replacing the 3 calipers on my car that don't work]. The control arms I'm about to order are listed as replacements for a VR6 Passat, but they have...
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    Simple chassis question..

    I'm doing an IDI swap into a Festiva chassis and need to know if MK3 K member is the same as MK2 K member... that's apparently not something that anyone I know can answer for me and I can't seem to find the answer. Basically as long as the chassis bolts and mount locations are the same is all I...
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    WTB Grille and/or front trim panel

    I bought my B4 missing the grille and the trim panel that holds the grille and covers the area under the headlights. Anyone got a spare that's not a million bucks? Color doesn't matter, condition only matters slightly. I'm in 16925 if you wanna work out shipping costs. Not many B4's in the...
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    New Member, New [to me] TDi B4

    She's in rough condition, fellas... take it easy on me. As of the time of this post, the rears are actually a pair of Orlandos I picked up as part of a set, but the tires are crap and I left the snows on the front for now. Planned and upcoming work includes: 5 lug swap MK3 coilover...