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    2014.5 Passat TDI Gets New Engine

    EA288 announced mid model year.
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    Driving a Rental

    Some unfortunate circumstances lead me to drive a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu for the remainder of its lease, about 10 more months. The 2.4L + 6-spd combo does not suit my driving style. The power is fairly weak below about 4000rpm. The trans tends to upshift just after I press the accel pedal a...
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    Silver early-mid 2000's Jetta in in Commerce TWP, MI

    I was behind this car around 5pm yesterday on Commerce Rd past DMC. A blond lady with a TDIclub license plate frame. :)
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    2012 Night Blue SEL

    A little dusty from the dirt road I have to take, but with tint. 15% rear 5 windows, 35% driver and front passenger.
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    Latest generation owners - payload

    I'm interested in how much payload (GVWR-as equipped) your vehicles have, as equipped. The information can be found by locating this sticker on your driver's door or door jam where this one says 2051. Thanks!
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    Young Children and seats for 3 in the rear

    I have 3 children, currently ages 2/4/6. We effectively replaced a minivan with our Passat as we do not need (2) 3-row vehicles all the time. The Suburban has to stay for towing the RV, and my wife's commute is shorter than mine. Our children go to private school about 10 miles from our house...
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    Cornsilk trim - headrest minitors

    Part of the agreement with my wife in purchasing my Passat was that it has movies for our 3 young children (2/4/6) since it is effectively replacing our minivan with 2 rows of screens. So I got the SEL with RNS510 that plays them and will enable output (at speeds>6MPH). I installed some DVD...
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    Daytime Running Lights Disable

    Anyone done it on the 2012 Passat? Same as any other late model VW? Please keep the politics and opinions of whether one should vs how to do it to yourselves.