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    VW Polo is Car of The Year in South Africa So why is the Polo a stranger to the USA?? I rented one last month from Avis in Johannesburg. Just a 1.4 litre gasser, it cruised well at 120 km/h, and got 6 litres/100km (39 mpg)
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    Duralast Battery Trouble

    A year ago I bought a new Duralast battery at Autozone for my daughter's 1999 New Beetle TDI. All was OK until winter: it HAD to be jump started anytime it sat out at temperatures below about 25 deg F. After lots of starting difficulty, my local TDI gurus at Fast Enough Performance told me a...
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    F/S 2000 Jetta TDI GL

    My daughter is selling this car. The contact below is hers. Located in Boulder, CO $8500 for a 2000 VW Jetta TDI GL ~Deep Red, Charcoal colored cloth interior ~about 96K miles ~Regular maintenance - synthetic oil ~Tilt/telescoping Wheel, Power Steering, Cruise Control, Power Windows...
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    The Value of a CCV Filter

    I have had an 04 B5V for 45,000 miles, 26 months. Concerned about intake manifold plugging, I installed a Raco crankcase vent filter when the car was just a couple of months old. Found a spot for it beneath the air filter, just above the wheel well on the right hand side. It has a drain which...
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    Jetta Battery Discharged

    My daughter's 2000 Jetta TDI sat parked in a dealer's service department lot for two weeks. When we came to pick it up, the driver's door was unlocked and the battery was totally discharged. The service rep apologized for accidentally leaving the car unlocked, and said that it was not...
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    Oil change interval

    In the USA, VW says the oil change interval for a PD TDI engine should be 10,000 miles. In South Africa, VW recommends a 7500 km (4650 miles) interval. They sell the same sulfur-laden diesel fuel there. VW goes on to say (in South Africa) that when ULSD fuel comes available in 2006, they...
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    B5 Station Wagon Lock

    I have a 2004 B5 TDI wagon. The locking system requires a separate action, either pressing the center button of the remote or the button on the driver's door, to unlock the rear hatch, which then can be opened by a person at the rear. Is there a recoding operation using Vag-Com that will...
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    Touran TDI in South Africa

    I am temporarily living in South Africa. Today I test-drove the Touran, in both the 1.9 litre, 100 hp, and the 2.0 l, 134 hp trim, both with a 6-speed manual transmission. This is a solid, well-engineered vehicle that for my taste is far more useful and desirable than the Passat. (In the...
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    FS: 1999 New Beetle TDI

    For Sale: The ideal commuter and fun car! 1999 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS TDI, Price $7,500.00, FOB Midway, Kentucky Red exterior, cream Primus cloth upholstery. Original sticker price, $18,425.00 NADA values are $6,525.00 trade-in, $8,300.00 average retail. EPA rating: 42 mpg city, 49 mpg...
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    Passat Hitch Receiver - Homebuilt

    I completed my installation of my own design 1.25 inch hitch receiver on our Passat TDI Wagon today. Total cost about $30.00, and the receiver does not hang down below the bumper cover. It is good for Class 1 towing or bike racks. Anyone who copies it does so at their own risk. 1. Buy a...
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    New Beetle Trailer Hitch

    After seeing how tacky all the offerings for hitches are for New Beetles (and VWs in general except for Eurovan) I came up with my own design three years ago for my 99 NB TDI. It is a 1.25 inch receiver welded to a small steel plate, which is in turn bolted securely to the aluminum bumper core...
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    The hard way to get a B5 TDI Wagon

    Until a month ago, we were proud owners of a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon, 110K, with trailer hitch and faithful provider of 40-45 mpg transport of all sorts. It carried both our recumbent bikes at times so we could go explore the finer rail-trails as well. However, whilst motoring south on I-15...
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    Airbags 96 Passat

    Two (unused!) passenger side airbags from 96 Passat, fit any B4 Passat. Free to anyone who will pay UPS collect. Contact
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    Old Navy Installation

    I have got Old Navy's CCV for my 99 New Beetle TDI. I have looked at the photos on the Stanco webpage. Can anybody point me to a set of step-by-step instructions for the compleat idiot? Before I break something in the process. Thanks!
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    Bentley Manuals

    I was looking up the Robert Bentley CD-ROM manual on their website. It claims to cover 1998-2004 Passats, but only lists the gasoline engines. Is there a Bentley manual that includes the 2004 B5 TDI, or is that left for a "future" manual?
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    B5 Passat EGR calibration

    Just got a white 04 Passat TDI wagon: absolutely super! Is the procedure and the setting for EGR recalibration using Vag-Com the same as on the recent Jettas & New Beetles?
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    Engine quits randomly 99 NB

    Engine cuts out randomly. Sometimes just a flicker, keeps running. Sometimes cuts out and won't start again for a while. MIL shows nothing. Any hints?