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    Need rear hatch for B4V

    If anyone has one to sell I’ll pick it up and pay cash. My back glass is shattered (don’t weedeat near your car). Posted this on wanted-sell forum also. Thanks. Andrew (918) 527-8116
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    Need back hatch for b4v

    Anyone have a back hatch for Passat b4v they would sell me? I would come pick it up and pay cash. No worries about shipping. 1996 or 1997. My rear glass got shattered. Dont weed eat close to your car. Thanks, Andrew (918) 527-8116
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    Driver window switch reversed

    I’ve been working on the window track alignment on the front driver side of a B4V I recently bought and after getting it back together the window goes down when the switch is pushed up and it goes up when the switch is pushed down. Not sure how that could’ve happened. Don’t think it was that way...
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    B4V without sunroof

    I just bought a wagon and was surprised because I thought they all had sunroofs. Has anyone else here seen one without? I wonder how many were made.
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    Wanted b4 lower belt cover 028109127J

    My old one had a run-in with the harmonic balancer. If anyone has one and/or a good new-style HB they can sell me I’d appreciate it. Andrew
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    B4 harmonic balancer separation

    Hello I’m new to your group and realize that I ignored the cold start squeak for too long. My balancer rubber disintegrated and destroyed the lower belt shroud in the process. Does anyone have another they could part with? I’m also trying to find the upgraded balancer for the best price if...