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  1. MarkWaddle

    reasoning for 3bar MAP sensor

    so if the stock MAP sensor is 2.5 bar and one bar is equal to 14.5 psi, then that makes it sensitive to 14.5 * 2.5 which is 36.25 psi. if atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi and i'm running a max boost of 20 psi above that, then the total psi of 34.7 is within range of the stock sensor. if i was to...
  2. MarkWaddle

    3Bar MAP for ALH same as 3Bar MAP for PD BEW?

    Is the 3Bar MAP for an ALH the same as a 3Bar MAP for the BEW PD? (part # 038906051C) - Mark
  3. MarkWaddle

    DVD player for Navi?

    Who has hooked up a DVD player or other media players or auxilliary audio devices to their Navi? What components did you use and would you recommend them for someone else? Where did you get the components?
  4. MarkWaddle

    Navi update CD?

    Where can I get a copy of the Navi update CD? I want to use Navi-Projekt and change my startup image and the text for Phatbox. Thanks!
  5. MarkWaddle

    VAG-COM cables

    Has anyone found a VAG COM cable that was *not* from Ross Tech (from eBay most likely) that worked well and reliably?
  6. MarkWaddle

    Navi G with TMC and FIS

    The FIS is already installed and adapted and working. I also understand how to attach the harness to the back of the Navi. Where I'm confused is hooking up the TMC. I understand that I should route the antenna through it, but is that really necessary if I don't care about the traffic stuff that...
  7. MarkWaddle

    Anyone tried sport spindles?

    These things look sweet. My car is lowered so these would be perfect for helping to correct my suspension geometry. Anyone tried these before? They look like they are of very good quality. Thoughts? I understand that these the size of the 1.8T spindles. Would I need anything else besides these...
  8. MarkWaddle

    Looking for VAGCOM help in Seattle area

    OK, so its not urgent, I just re-installed my stock cluster. I have documents on the coding procedure for my new cluster. I just need help from someone with a VAGCOM. Or if you don't mind I could just borrow the USB cable because I have the VAGCOM software installed. Can anyone help out?
  9. MarkWaddle

    Installed PD Stage 1 injectors today and ...

    I installed my PD Stage 1 (PD150) injectors from Kerma today. The procedure was pretty straight forward with benncar23's write up and the torque numbers from whitedog. The most difficult part was getting the injectors out. I ended up cutting up pieces of rubber to place on the head and using a...
  10. MarkWaddle

    Need VAG-COM help in Seattle area ASAP

    Hi guys, I have VAG-COM and I thought it worked, but now after I've gone through the process of switching my cluster to the FIS cluster it doesn't seem to be working. Could I be doing something wrong? Is there someone in the area that wouldn't mind coming over to help out? I can provide food...
  11. MarkWaddle

    How does PD injection work?

    After reading someone's post, it got me wondering exactly how does the PD injection system work? So the cam somehow actuates the injector? How does that work together with the signals from the ECU? Does the cam just open and close the supply of fuel and the ECU connections tell the injector...
  12. MarkWaddle

    Seattle area suspension/alignment shop?

    Does anyone know of a shop in the Seattle area that can adjust my Weitec coilovers my desired height and perform a full alignment?
  13. MarkWaddle

    Mercedes wheels I mentioned at the GTG

    Check these wheels out. I'm thinking about getting a set.
  14. MarkWaddle

    Proposal for legalization of hemp in CA

    The legalization of hemp would mean great things for the biodiesel industry. Isn't it one of the most efficient oil producing plants?,0,1861344.column?coll=la-home-headlines
  15. MarkWaddle

    Will mufflerectomy get my ace dirty?

    :D So does anyone have a mufflerectomy with the tailpipes coming straight out the back? Not pointing down, or up, but straight out the back? With maybe a slight angle cut on the openings, somewhat like this if looked at from the side: ______ _____/ If you don't have experience, what are your...
  16. MarkWaddle

    Somewhat disappointing MPG for my '05 wagon

    I have a 2005 Jetta Wagon PD that I'm averaging 31 MPG with. We just broke 25k miles. I've always felt that my mileage was kind of low and hoped that it would go up after she broke in, but it hasn't happened. I have relatively light 18" wheels with 225s. I run 100% biodiesel and I have somewhat...
  17. MarkWaddle

    Bumper sticker idea

    While reading an article I thought of this slogan for a sticker: Biodiesel – an important part of a healthy low-carbon diet There's all kinds of things you could do with low-carbon. I like it. :)
  18. MarkWaddle

    TDI Bio Westfalia

    Anyone know who's this is? The engine installation looks superb. The chassis better be just as nice at that price.
  19. MarkWaddle

    How did you get your Secret Key Code (SKC)?

    For those who've installed european gauge clusters in their NA cars... How did you get your Secret Key Code (SKC)? I've asked my dealer and they won't share. Thanks for your help, - Mark
  20. MarkWaddle

    Great BioDiesel description

    The WikiPedia does a great job of describing biodiesel *realistically*, including its numerous benefits and few drawbacks. This is definitely where I'm going to send anyone who wants to know a little about biodiesel. I personally found the section under...