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    Sunroof leak???

    I have an 05 MK4 Jetta, and it rained relly hard at work last night. When I got in the car this morning I noticed drips of water coming from the right hand map light switch. I opened the sunroof and did not see hardly any water in the track. Has anyone had this issue or know where the water...
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    Phatbox and OEM Navi....It works

    I ran across Pencilneck's pose on and found that he has a fix for the Phatbox skipping and dropping back to FM. Here is the URL to the site. I had to reboot the Phatbox a couple of times to get it to work, but now it works perfectly..Thanks Pencilneck. Pencilneck's Phatbox mod
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    Any news on 506.01?

    I havent heard anyone say much lately about 506.01. Is anyone using it in place of 505.01? Any news on weather or not VW N/A would try to escape any warranty issues? Also has anyone made any fuel economy tests?
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    Diesel prices in Oregon...2.50 a gallon!

    The price of diesel here in Portland has jumped 20 cents in the last week.. I have heard we have a shortage here.. One gas station attendant told me someone told me it was because of Biodiesel.. I laughed.. Any isea why we would have a shortage? I wonder if they are gearing up for the ULS..
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    05 Jetta TDI MFI Conversion+NAVI

    OK guys here we go.. I am going for the whole enchilada here. I am post this as a diary of the procedure I am going through to Swap a full FIS cluster and a NAVI in place of my double din Monsoon. I was informed by Dan at Hillside Imports that the dealer no longer gives the secret key codes...
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    How do I remove the airbag?

    I have an 05 Jetta TDI that I am doing the wiper stalk conversion with the FIS cluster. Does anyone know how ro remove the airbag?
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    Which NAVI to get?

    I am looking for VW NAVI units. I am about to recieve the FIS Cluster any day, Part # 1J5 920 946 C, in MPH and coded for Miles to empty. I have the sterring wheel controls and the Monsoon. My question is what version of NAVI to get? I understand both version D and G will both interface with...
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    MFA for a 05 PD

    I see a lot of posts on how to add MFA to TDI's. but no referrence to an 04 or 05. Can anyone tell me if its the same or not and if part number 1J5 920 946 C is the right cluster to get? Its the same Chrome ring cluster I already have, but with the high pixel display
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    LED lights

    Hey, has anone used LED turn signal lights? I am getting a set of E-Codes and am wondering if I can put LED turn signal as well as LED city lights in, The city lights are 194 bulbs, but not sure what the turn signals are. Do i need some sort of resistor so the turn signals will flash?
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    Tilting RH mirror?

    The owners manual for my 05 Jetta says that the RH mirror will tilt down when put into reverse with the mirrow switch in the RH position. It also says that in the RH position that both mirrors will work simulataneously.. Has anyone else had this work or is it maybe just a feature for the GLX VR6??
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    How do I remove steering wheel airbag?

    I had my ESP fixed by the dealer, and they must have removed the airbag. They, of course, did not re-install it properly (big surprise). I dont want to take it back to have them screw with it all day. So my question is, I dont want to break anything, and how can I pull it off and set it back in...
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    VAG-COM to change locks.

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    VAG-COM to change locks.

    Do I need the full version of VAG-COM to change the way my locks work or will the shareware version work? Also I dont have a Bently manual so how do I find out what the LOGIN code is?
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    VAG-COM question.. LOGIN

    I have an 05 Jetta PD and I have the VAG-COM software and cable. Its all working fine except I am trying to change the coding for the locks and it requires a login, It says its in the Bentley manual.. Does anyone have a list of what the login codes should be? I am using the shareware version of...
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    Sunroof Switch

    My 05 Jetta PD Sunroof doesnt open all the way like my 02 Jetta did. Is there anyway that the there can be both the "comfort" setting and the full open made to happen like on my 02?
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    Has anyone tried to retrofit a Climatronic HVAC unit into a TDI? Would it be as simple as putting in the head unit and installing the flap actuators and sensors?
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    Best oil for 05 Jetta TDI PD?

    I just got my 05 Jetta PD, I understand there are only 2 oils rated 505.1, the Castrol TXT and The Motul. Does anyone know which would be better? I understand that the Motul is a pure PAO like Amzoil, and that Castrol is not. A oure PAO would probably be better to resist the turbo heat and cause...
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    2002 Loaded TDI For Sale, Portland Oregon, 17K OBO

    In the world of 2.00+ a gallon fuel, this is one of the most sought after cars! Fully Loaded, Immaculate GLS TDI, Turbo Diesel, 50 MPG ! If you want it all, this is the one. 2002 GLS TDI, Popular color combination, Reflex Silver with black leather interior featuring the multifunction leather...