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    Intermittent Dash Lights

    Back ground on the car first, 03 Jetta TDI w/5sp has 281K runs drives fine. About a week ago my dash lights went full bright and the dimmer did nothing. After about 5min the went back to normal then just before getting home (normal for about 20min) they again went bright for about a minuet...
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    Dead Battery

    I am asking for my Dad as his 2011 Golf TDI would not start after sitting in the carport for two days. First things that were checked was: 1. Anything being left on - NO. 2. Voltage in the battery - approx 6 volts. 3. After charging the battery, checked to see if the Alt was charging - Yes, 13...
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    New to VAG-COM

    OK, I have had my VAG-COM for awhile now but just this year I have been getting the following when I have checked to see just why my CEL came on: No Faults Found or DTCs not supported by controller or a communication error occurred I have updated to the latest release of the software but...
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    Key FOB and Horn

    My wife's car is back from the body shop and now when we lock the car with the key fob the lights flash, doors lock but not a peep from the horn. The car is a 2003 Jetta TDI Wagon. My question is: How do I reset it so that the horn beeps as it should? I can do most things myself and I do...
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    Dealer Closings

    When I bought my first VW (Sept. 2002) we had five dealerships in St. Louis, MO., now we have two, one that does just the basics and one that does everything else. My dad lives in Buffalo, Ky. and there was a VW dealership in E-town, Ky. but he just received a letter stating that he now has to...
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    Bug with the Ultimate Passing Gear!

    If you follow too close you just might get burned!
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    Tail Light Help

    Ok, I have not found what I am looking for in the FAQ's so here it is. My wife's 2003 Jetta Wagon has a burned out bulb and for the life of me I have not been able to get the piece with the bulbs out. I have tried to trim the Styrofoam padding around the 6-Disk changer but it is still not...
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    TB Question for Auto trans vs manual trans

    The wife and I both have 2003 Jetta TDI's and I was wondering if VW (or someone) will come out with a TB that will last 100K miles on the auto trans? My Jetta is a 5/sp and the TB (I am told) is good for 100k while the wife's Jetta w/auto is only good for 80k miles. I have searched the...
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    V10 TDI now emission certified for sale as a "50 state" vehicle?

    I have not found the information on this in these threads so sorry if this has been asked before. Is this true or is someone blowing smoke? If it is true then why are the rest of the TDI's not "50 state certified"?
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    Importing a 1999-2003?

    I have a coworker that wants to get a Passat TDI but does not want the new PD engine. He is thinking about importing one from Europe and was wondering if it is possible. Has anyone here done this or at least checked into it?
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    WTB: 14" Wheels

    WTB: 14\" Wheels I am looking to but a set (4) Wheels to use on an 02 Jetta sedan. They will be used for winter tires. I already have the tires as they are on an 84 505 Peugeot SW and are in new condition. The SW is down awaiting parts and it looks like it will be a while. I am in the St...