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    OBD flash tuning a new a tune

    Hi, Need a bit of help/suggestions. I currently have N.American cjaa/CR 2.0 TDI with a stage 2 tune from JR auto(with dpf egr intact). I didn’t get the support, or response I needed, and looking to go with a different tuner. Tuner likely won’t be local, so I would have to utilize one of the...
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    Performance & tuning shops in Quebec

    Hello, I have MK6 Golf TDI tuned with stock CR140 turbo. I’m in the GTA, and looking for shop that can install downpipe, upgraded turbo, and tune. Currently I have stage 2 JR auto ( Anyone have experience/feedback with Mecevo, in Quebec? I’m really after a smokeless tune, and...
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    Tuning and Tuners

    Hello, I have stage 2 JR auto tune and thinking of keeping car for off road use, and considering deleting the DPF/EGR. Do you think it’s high for tuners to charge $250, when you have existing stage 2 tune, and need to tune out the EGR & DPF or is pretty standard charge/pricing? Also, car will...
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    European CR140 straight bolt on?

    Hi, Question, as starting to research turbo replacement/upgrade. Originally, was just going to do the CR170, swap but wanted something a bit more. Speaking with UK Turbo builder and so he has cr140 hybrid turbo, that is direct bolt on. I know the cr170 won’t bolt up without changing the...
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    Rear camber adjustment

    Hi, Need a bit of help as been searching around, and not sure and figure I'd ask. I see GSW and GTIs have the eccentric washer/bolt that can adjust camber. I didn't find the same parts for the reg golf TDI, so I'm assuming camber can't be adjusted without some adjustable camber arms? The...
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    2015 Q7 TDI trim line comparisons

    Hi, I have a Exec Touareg R-Line, and now shopping for used 2015 Q7 TDI. Familiar with the Touareg line but not too sure with the Q7 trims. I see a big difference in price between the Vorsprung model and the Progressive Line. Just curios what the major difference are, and if it’s worth the...
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    MK6 276mm to 282mm rear rotor/pads help

    Hi, I got a deal on some Endless, rear pads. I have 2012 Golf TDI with 272mm rotor and calipers. It looks like the Endless rear pads I picked up, are for the 2010 GTI and MK5 GTI/GLIs, with the 283mm rotors. The all important question, in order to make these brake pads work. Will my rear...
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    Rear caliper carrier question/help

    Hi, Need some help as couldn’t find what I was looking for, with a search. I grabbed a set of endless brake pads, from a local club member. I have 2012 Golf 5 door TDI. Fronts went on without an issue. But, I didn’t realize 2010 GTIs were different. I order to make the endless rear pads...
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    Bi-xenon LED retrofit - coding help

    Hi, I have a 2012 N.American(Canada) Golf TDI Highline, that came with Halogen, in stock trim. Ended up retrofitting Bi-Xenon with LED DRLs from a 2012 GTI. I found out, the GTI was using the same midline CECM, as my TDI: 1K0937086P. My TDI software version is 0657, not sure what the GTI was...
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    P0141 error code

    Hi, My car was sitting at body shop for a good 2 month’s, before I got it back. I had my front bumper upgraded, along with rear bumper repainted, with the side doors. Car sat for longer than usual, and now has CEL. I cleared the code and it comes back, after a couple drives. Error says it...
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    FS: Votex front lip & front bumper

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    FS Deautokey H7 & H15 LEDs

    FS: Deautokey LED headlights $200 for both. I’m in Newmarket/GTA and around Brampton and surrounding area for work. I have a set of the Deautokey premium H7 LED and H15(high beam and DRLs). I’ve had this on since the summer and extremely happy with them. I couldn’t pass up the deal on the oem...
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    No power to driver side headlight

    I had one of those days, and I just wish I could take back or disconnect the battery. I was changing my xenon bulb and when got to the driver side, absolutely no room, and when I finally got the bulb out. I ended up shorting my headlights out. I let the xenon bulb wire dangle, and the metal...
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    Heater control Valve

    Hi, Lost my heat all heat, all of a sudden, in my T3. I didn’t see any fault codes via obdeleven. I suspect it’s the heater control valve(part info below) as blower motor works. I’m going to check out the heater core lines that are accessible under the left front wheel well. Question is...
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    2012 GTI part out- if anyone looking for interior pieces

    2012 GTI parts-2 door. Not mine, but figure I’d pass along. I ended up grabbing the xenon headlight assembly and CECM. Nice fella, who was forced to part out his car. I figure I’d help and pass along his contact(see below). What I know that is currently for sale, and the items that were sold...
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    GTI exhaust

    Hi, I was able to source a used GTI cat back exhaust, including the resonator, for my TDI. I understand there’s no real performance, and doing it mainly for cosmetics. I got the LED tails and wanted a little sportier look, for the rear. The car is also Stage 2 tuned. My question is, any benefit...
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    Post fix TCM in sport mode

    Hi, I posted this in club Touareg. I did try searching, and wanted to get some opinions and experience/feedback. “Hello, Got my 2014 TDI R line I’ve always wanted. I was lucky enough to find one with 19,000 km. I had to do quite a bit researching before getting the Touareg and is the 2nd...
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    Yakima roof rack for T3 roof rails

    Hi, Also posted in club Touareg forum. Anyone have Yakima timberline (or any Yakima) roof rack set up for the T3 roof rails, that doesn’t hinder the use of the panoramic sunroof? Thanks, Ron
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    Opinons/advise on a used Toureg or Q7

    Hi, I posted on the Toureg thread, and looking to get some opinions/perspective from Q7 owners. I'm looking at picking up either a used Treg or Q7 Vorsprung edition. Currenty have a 2012 tdi golf, and plan on keeping. I've always wanted a Toureg TDI, and now Looking for one, for those long...
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    Toureg search begins and need some help/advice

    Hi, Currenty have my 2012 tdi golf, and plan on keeping. I've always wanted a Toureg TDI, and now Looking for one, for those long family road trips. I've been searching on the forums, and figure probably easier to ask for some opinions/advice. My budget is going to range from $25k-$35k...