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    Passat 3BG (B5.5) change headlight pattern US to EURO style

    The moving shutter is a European feature and is intended to cut off the normal European upwards aimed light pattern thats intended to illuminate unlighted road side signs. When you are driving in the U.K. or other countries that drive on the left side the upward beam that is aimed to the right...
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    "soft touch" interior paint / solutions?

    Actually both Mercedes Benz and BMW also use that type of paint as well. At least with them the part will be replaced without question under warranty. The biggest killer of the paint seems to be the chemistry content in your perspiration. Those whose fingers are slightly moist all the time will...
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    Mk IV back for sale in Canada

    The big question for me is where are these new A4's being built? Has anybody that looked at a new one in a dealership checked to see where these are coming from?
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    Mk IV back for sale in Canada

    I believe another reason is the Mk IV stll meets all the current crash standards. I think they could also sell a bunch if they were offered in the USA. My main objection to the Mk V prices besides the fact that I am perfectly happy with my 2000 Jetta TDi is that a fully loaded example of any Mk...
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    Reintroducing the Mk IV Jetta and Golf

    Does anybody know any details about the recently reintroduced the Mk IV Jetta and Golf that are being sold in Canada under the "City" brand?,2253,143,00.html To the best of my knowlege the only place they are still in production is China where you can still order a...
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    Mk IV back for sale in Canada

    I see that VW Canada is bringing the Mk IV Golf and Jettas back and taking orders on new ones. AFAIK these models are only being made in China now. Are the Canadian versions being imported from China?
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    VW Navigation (MFD) accuracy

    My D series is 2282 and 8 and except for the slight lag usually cues the turn as I cross the intersection or pass the freeway ramp threshold. The DVD based systems in my Honda van and MB E320 cdi have gyro's and update a direction change in real time. The Honda like most non German systems...
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    1999 VW Passat 1.9 TDI. How to enable cruise control warning light?

    If the switch on the end of the turn signal stalk in the type you push in to set the speed, it is the earlier type which will not set the warning light on. If the switch on the end is a toggle switch that can be pushed on the top to increase speed and pushed at the bottom to reduce the speed...
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    GB: OEM 3-blink control relay **active**

    Hello, I just noticed this thread. Is it too late to get in on this buy? I can wait if you need more time to set up another group purchase. I would be interested in getting the "no splice version". Thanks in advance for your help with this, Tyler
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    Strobe light install in headlight/taillights

    A blue light source filtered by the red lens of a tailight isn't going to pass much visible light. Try a clear strobe light in the rear turn signal light fixture or use the vacant position where the rear fogs would go. The tailight lens pattern is wrong for a signaling lamp. Also since they are...
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    Beetle Euro Headlight Conversion - with pics

    Here are the best instructions on how to aim your lights:
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    Beetle Euro Headlight Conversion - with pics

    Because the low or dipped beam is a wide angle pattern it is hard to discern where the center is if you are using the old Mk I eyeball. Switch to the main or hi beam and use the hot spot in the center to adjust the fixture. If you pull the fuse to the low beam before you try to adjust the...
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    Beetle Euro Headlight Conversion - with pics

    Does the seller have an English page to order from? Does he accept PayPal? I was under the impression that the Euro fixtures used H7 lamps instead of the H1 used in North America. What is the correct lamp to use with the conversion?
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    OEM HID quick question

    Many streets in Europe are still not lighted at night. The standing lights are required to be on all night long if you are parked on an unlighted street. Because only the street side marker lights front and rear are lighted and not the instrument panel, or licence plate lights the current draw...
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    OEM HID quick question

    Lito, I am surprised you didn't upgrade the wires before. I did the wire changes almost four years ago before Bentley upgraded the wire lists by tracing the wires in my NB. That was a PIA but then I did have my car stripped to the frame for almost eight months. Did you ever add the four wires in...
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    Full MFA cluster and radio display

    If your car is a 2000 or early 2001 model year vehicle it has CAN bus but the data transfer from the head unit to the hi pixel or MFA cluster requires the DYNAMIC CAN bus which first showed up in 2002 model year cars. For a 2000/2001 model year which has just the simpler CAN bus you need to do...
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    Climate control conversion

    Each option package results in a unique wire harness made just for the individual car. The climate control wires are fulley integrated into the main vehicle harness and is not a separate part. You would have to fabricate your own harness or remove a main harness from a donar car and strip out...
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    How to Kill the DRL's?

    Re: How to Kill the DRL\'s? Since you own a Beetle you already know the DRL uses the low beam. What is different between the North American headlight and the E code on the beetle is that our fixture uses H-1 lamps for both low and high beam. The H-1 bulb burns a lot hotter than a lamp designed...
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    My 2000 Jetta was built in Aug 99 and first sold in AZ and it has a hood liner.
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    passat visor in jetta

    A word to the wise on wiring these things up. Wire the power to a key on power source. My neighbor has a Honda with homelink and it was powered all the time. They left the car in the driveway and took off in their other car. While they were gone someone broke into the Honda and got into their...