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    Value 2005 70K Beetle: broken turbo?

    Due to unemployment I find myself short of cash. In a private sale, how much is this 70,000 mile Manual Beetle TDI worth? The air conditioning doesn’t work (just outside air). The turbo stopped working ~20,000 miles ago, but the car still runs surprisingly well (not eating any oil or...
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    Has cop ever checked your fuel line...?

    ...for offroad diesel. I’ve received a lot of speeding tickets, but no cop ever looked to see if I had untaxed diesel in my car. How sbout you?
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    Will 75W-90 work in 2010+ VW manual shift?

    Amsoil “Series 2000” 75W-90. One bottle left. I plan to upgrade my 2005 Beetle to 2010 or later Beetle (manual). Will this gear oil still work?
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    Cetane boost +1 point == +0.1 cetane?

    That’s how it works with octane boost. 1 point == just 0.1 octane. Is it same with cetane boost? Thanks :-)
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    California Cetane is 53 minimum (and 48 Texas)

    Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t waste my Amsoil Boost..... it isn’t needed in California (or Texas apparently). Here are the links to the articles: (UNDER cetane number)...
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    Need a Skilled TDI mechanic SANTA ANA CA

    Not just a general VW mechanic but Pump Deusse TDI expert that can remove turbo & seal-off the turbo oil supply (no air intake or air filter). Thank you :-) BTW someone mentioned emissions. The car is registered in Pennsylvania and will eventually return (June) where diesel is exempt. The...
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    When did the 90s-2000 Beetle change its shspe?

    I had a car cover from a 1999 Beetle but it doesn’t fit my 2005 Beetle (no matter how much I stretch it). California Car Cover confirmed that a 1999 cover won’t fit a 2005. In what year was the Beetle changed? EDIT: This website says 2005 had a redesign...
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    Malone Stage 0 tune on Stock TDI possible?

    Mark seems to have left the forum, so I’m directing this question to everyone. Does the turbo have to be removed? It seems this Malone ECU would work w/o need for mechanical modification to the standard PD TDI. And yes I know a natural aspirated diesel is slow, but I also drive a 60...
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    Please diagnose - Turbo loss/ Limp mode?

    my Pump Deusse car entered Limp Mode while climbing a mountain. I lost HALF my power but still kept driving. Key off/on did not stop limp mode. - There was No sound of imploding turbo (as I would have expected). The moment of power loss was completely silent - I drove 700 miles from...
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    Driving without turbo == Dangerous?

    My turbo stopped operating & have no interest fixing. If I continue driving could it “blowup” and bits of metal kill the engine? Thanks :-)
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    Who’s using 5W-30 in PDTDIs? (2004-06)

    This website lists several VW 505.01 (not 507) approved oils in the 5W-30 range. Have you been successful? Search: 5W-30 to filter:
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    Change Every 5000 Miles says the dealer.

    “You went 11,000 which is much too long.” I said that I followed the manual which states 10,000 is okay. The dealer service advisor said,“I don’t know why your manual says that. Perhaps it’s a generic manual for all cars, but your 2005 definitely needs a change every 5000 miles.” Whatever...
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    Oil Filter every 10,000 miles is overkill?

    Seems like overkill. On my Honda I change the oil at 10,000 and filter at 20,000 (so basically every other draining). Perhaps Mann filters aren’t designed for 20,000 like the Mobil Extended filter in my Honda.
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    WHY diesel better than DI Gasoline (and some EVs)

    Click the links below. The EU is already aware direct-injected gasoline cars make a lot of soot & is considering requiring Soot/PM Filters for the future Euro7 emissions standard. As for the toxic nature of EVs I’m not surprised. Greenercars dot org rates EVs as no cleaner than a gasoline...
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    Valvoline synthetic in PD-TDI?

    In my basement I found Valvoline synthetic MST European Formula 5W-40 rated CF/SN. Safe for 2005 TDI?
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    What’s wrong with Mobil 1 in TDI?

    I'm currently running Delvac 1 but also have some Mobil1 5W-40. What makes this oil insufficient for 2005 TDI?
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    Can burn New automatic trans oil in diesel tank?

    2005 TDI. Not used/dirty oil but new autotrans oil. I have a leftover quart from my Dead Dodge and want to use the Mopar ATF+4 (rather than throw-away) I have seen other TDI drivers say they burn oil so thought it might be okay .
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    When to change Manual gear oil?

    I see nothing in the 2005 Beetle TDI manual about changing gear oil. On my old Honda Civic (same year) it was every 100,000 so I’m surprised the VW manual says nothing about it Thanks :-)
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    gasoline ethanol stabilizer worth using?

    I found an unopened Amsoil Quickshot box in my dad’s basement. Is this stuff worth using? If no I might return it for refund This stuff: .
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    Can I remove mirror? 2005 beetle

    Not the whole assembly, just the actual mirror. My mirror is cracked, so I want to remove it, get a new mirror, and then reattach. I’m worried it will come off & then not reattach EDIT: Now how do I put it back on? :-( My car needs annual inspection so maybe I’ll just take it to the dealer &...