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    800 VW TDIs in storage in WA

    Was in the Pacific NW recently and was very surprised to see around 800 VW TDIs, various models, in storage at the the Port of Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, WA. What will happen to all these vehicles?
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    Finally! Exactly right, as I understand it. Step one: All owners will get a cash payment from VW to compensate them for the VW fraud. The formula to calculate your amount is in the docs. This is compensatory payment and is NOT included in the base value calculation. Step 2: You then will have...
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    What's gonna go down on Tuesday?

    From the Court's website: "Please note that there is no court proceeding on Tuesday, June 28. The event in on that date is a deadline for e-filing documents. The documents will be posted on this web page at the same time as they are e-filed in the court's ECF system."...