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  1. colourfastt

    The Vanity Plate Thread

    I worked very hard to be able to get this one: (If anyone knows how to embed the pic directly in the post let me know; I'd rather do that.) FYI: They are the only notaries to be appointed for life. The Louisiana...
  2. colourfastt

    Audi A6 TDI ultra Goes the Distance and Sets New World Record

    In an old episode of Top Gear, didn't Clarkson drive a Jaguar diesel from Basile to Blackpool on a single tank of fuel ... getting roughly the same fuel economy?
  3. colourfastt

    Now serving B20 ... do I stop using additive?

    The managers don't know either. When I first bought my Beetle I asked both the clerk and manager at the local truck stop about the bio in the diesel sold; neither knew anything about it, however a there was a diesel delivery in process. So, I went out and asked the delivery driver while he was...
  4. colourfastt

    California Insurance comparisons 2013 Jetta TDI

    That's less than half of what I pay for 6 months of coverage in Louisiana for a 2013 Beetle.
  5. colourfastt

    My new 2013 Beetle TDI

    I skipped Lakeland VW and went to Reeves in Tampa for my Beetle; the Lakeland dealership didn't have a diesel convertible with the nav system.
  6. colourfastt

    Got the best mpg yet from a tank of Sheetz

    I avoid Sheetz like the plague.
  7. colourfastt

    I want a bigger fuel tank!!!

    Having grown up in Virginia and lived in Delaware and now living in Louisiana, I can honestly say that Pennsyl"tucky" is one of those states that scares the hell out of me and I avoid like the plague.
  8. colourfastt

    What MPG do you get at 70mph?

    My 2013 Beetle Conv. is averaging 39.5mpg which I think is what VW advertises for that model. My best has been 41.7, but that was over New Year's which meant no A/C, ambient temps of about 15F and double-dosing PS White.
  9. colourfastt

    '13 Beetle TDi 'Vert - Not such a good winter car…

    Living in south Louisiana we don't see many nights below 32ºF, however I was in TN right after New Year's and I can say that even though the temperature was 2º when I left the hotel my little Beetle started with no problems and no grumbles although it probably didn't hurt that I double-dosed...
  10. colourfastt

    Southern States Diesel - Any Good?

    It's "Culpeper". :)
  11. colourfastt

    Beetle Seats

    The seats in my Beetle are far more comfortable than the seats in my Cadillac SUV were.
  12. colourfastt

    When did we start using temperatures in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit

    It is the "mercans" who can't spell.
  13. colourfastt

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Quote: Originally Posted by drewkeen View Post This is America, we speak English The US cannot be considered an English speaking country.
  14. colourfastt

    Southern States Diesel - Any Good?

    I'm very familiar with the general area having grown up in Fauquier Co.; when I go back to visit I stay in Warren Co. It's a nice drive right up 81.
  15. colourfastt

    Southern States Diesel - Any Good?

    The only place I found on Google Earth for Mauzy was New Market; but that being said, avoid all Libertys like the plague. Thankfully I live in Louisiana now and don't have to deal with them .. or Sheetz for that matter.
  16. colourfastt

    Why do i like this car so much ?

    Nice. What surprised me about my Beetle is that it has more headroom (and general driver space) than the Cadillac SUV that I traded in.
  17. colourfastt

    Why do i like this car so much ?

    Like you I bought a Beetle Conv. this year; traded my Cadillac SRX to get it. Don't miss most things, but i'm finding I miss the adaptive HID headlights (I really do miss the cornering of the headlights as I turned) and the back-up camera (they really need to add this to the Beetle Conv. as the...
  18. colourfastt

    I Wish my Beetle TDi had a Fender

    People still use CDs?
  19. colourfastt

    I Wish my Beetle TDi had a Fender

    I had to hunt all over Florida this spring to find the Beetle I wanted: TDI, convertible, Fender sound & nav. Only found a VERY few statewide.