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    WTB good shape 2009 highline golf

    im interrested :) 2009 and more, vancouver area
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    Looking for shop.manual

    Anyone know where to download worst case buy? Looking for an Audi manual for A3 2011 8P Thanks
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    2011 A3 replacement radio

    hello, i was looking for a replacement radio, the one i this car only does cell support wont play music from the phone thru bluetooth or allow usb... i was wondering if some people ever tried aftermaker radios ? i saw this one that seems to do lots of things...
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    tdi chipping options

    hello, i live in vancouver and have an A3 tdi 2011 bone stock. i was looking into having it chipped by malone thru dpf delete... i was wondering if this was the right way to go or if better options where available. comments appreciated :)
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    shop for maintenance in BC

    hello i moved in coquitlam latetely and bought an A3 2011... im surprised to see the dealer**** sells engine oil changes for 230$ and dsg oil changes for 650$ is it me thats misunderstanding something?? i was wondering if there where good shops with better prices to do work around here...
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    WTB MK6 golf or jetta

    low mileage & sunroof & standard vancouver area
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    tdi 2001 w/ turbo upgrade for sale

    2001 for sale manual 235000km grey 2 door, sunroof no elect seal 1749vb. 11mm fuel pump chipped .230 nozzles, 3 bar map, singlemass timing belt, pump (all oem) around 50000km on it, runs 24psi. nothing loose anywhere new inner tie rods, new drilled rear rotors + pads, cracked bloc bc...
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    shop in british columbia kamloops salmon arm kelowna

    helloo seeems like head gasket is dead looking for a good shop in kelowna or kamloops im running 24 psi and would like to know where to have this head gasket changed, im not from bc and have no clue where to go help would be appreciated, thanks
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    mk4 golf right inner tie rod changing

    hellooo, seems like it's ****ed i feel play there. i have questoins do i absolutely need the funny tool to loosen the inner tie rods? there are tie rod arm kits that are soooo cheap on ebay, are they worth it? is there a nice dyi deal about those on here somewhere here? thanks!
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    air water intercooler 2.25in

    as shown in montreal same arrangement as shown in the link 80$
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    boost gauge et vag con ne donnent pas la meme lecture de boost

    je viens tout juste de poser un boost gauge, jetais curieux de voir la différence entre les deux. La différence me semble enorme vag lit spike of 22 23 psi et se stabilise a 20 21 psi. le gauge par contre affiche 30 31 spike et se stabiise a 26 27 psi 1749vb quelquun a une idée?
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    vag com 311 on win7 xp

    hello, i cant seem to be able to have it run on win7 pro in either compatibility mode, i had it run before on xp 32 bit, but i upgraded to xp x64 and it wont run, is there a trick to have it run? thanks
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    cluch to hold 400ft lbs

    which cluch should i use to hold this? i see lots of XTD cluchs but i hear many break down.
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    WTB mk4 glove box

    in greenfield MA area
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    WTB parts

    2001 golf TDI 11mm automatic injector fuel pump for alh newsouth or vdo -30in Hg to 30 psi boost guage and EGT arp studs from canada or us i drive around a lot :)
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    WTB automatic golf 2001 ALH 11mm injector pump

    im in greenfield, ma area if you have one and want to sell im looking to buy thanks
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    WTB part list

    hi i have a 2001 golf tdi i am looking for: boost and EGT gages gt1749vb hose to fit gt1749vb (between turbo and intake) thanks for letting me know. i,m in the massachuset area often.
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    looking for GT1749VB

    anyone got one for sale?
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    chipping tdi

    hi i have a tdi 2001 golf. big diesel trucs have programming box to gain performance... how come is it, golf you need to go see a guy thant plugs in the obd what ever connector presses send and charges you 300$ for just downloading a revised ignition map or what ever you call it, isnt this...
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    need parts auburn MA

    might need fuel pump and injectors, any one got some around or should i get the ones in have at home shipped? thanks