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    Winter Heating solutions for your EV

    Have you considered getting a "cage" made for it? One padlock holds the cage closed, along with securing both ends of a chain or cable that you run through something (tiedown eye for when car is transported, spokes in a wheel, etc) that a casual thief won't be able to remove. They can unplug...
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    Nokian WR G3?

    Probably because the G2 was discontinued when the G3 was introduced. I've got a set of G2s I bought a couple years ago (14 inch) - stands to reason that only the less common sizes would still be available. Anyone buying G2s, remember that the rubber is already a couple years old.
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    VW's Consumer Reports reliability ratings dropping...

    Fun fact: From 1996 to present, the Big 3 combined have sold exactly as many heavy duty light trucks in North America as VW has sold normally aspirated TDIs. Can't recall the cutoff point (I know it's on one side of class 7, but not sure if it's between 6 and 7, or 7 and 8), but the break...
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    How many miles can a timing belt go ?

    The timing belt kit is good for roughly 1/10 of a second less than the life of your engine. I generally go for 4 years/100,000 km whichever comes first (my car's recommendation). On the other hand, I've had a vehicle go over a million miles without changing a timing belt. Helps that the Series...
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    Help selecting a utility trailer to tow with my Golf

    My understanding is the 7-pin has: Ground (has to be heavy gauge due to current used by brakes) Taillights Left turn signal/brake light Right turn signal/brake light Electric brakes (heavy gauge) 12 volts can't remember the other one The 12V is for things like lights inside the trailer (run off...
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    VW Won't Attempt to Regain Diesel Leadership in US; Many TDI Models May Never Return

    My understanding is that Subaru discontinued the Legacy wagon in Canada a few years back (and in the U.S. a couple years before that), leaving the Outback as the only wagon available in North America built on the Legacy platform.
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    Newbie looking for a Tdi

    As I mentioned earlier, wagon was introduced in the U.S. as a 2001 model (gas only, TDI added for 2002), and in Canada as a 2003 model. If he buys an '02 wagon in Canada, it was imported illegally (most likely as "for parts"), since (last time I checked) it's import status was "Can't be...
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    any cars buy back yet?

    Actually, you've got it wrong. The buyback amount has been reduced to half of scrap value, it's a "shotgun sale" - owners MUST sell the cars back to VW for this oh-so-generous amount or face felony charges, and part of the deal between the government and VWOA is that owners are prohibited from...
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    Repair option

    My understanding is that the "A" platform sedan was sold as a Jetta in North America for all generations, but in some markets (I believe Europe) different generations had different names, with 3rd generation being "Vento", and 4th generation being "Bora".
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    Party Time

    Bit of advice - Thermo King is best with hickory, Carrier with maple.:p
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    If the pump was fitted with an unleaded nozzle, it will fit most modern cars (ironically, the ones it won't fit are diesels with misfueling guards). My mother's '78 Horizon didn't have a cat. Also, ads for the K-cars around that time bragged about how they ran on regular leaded gas (which was...
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    CK oils

    There are TWO new oil specifications coming out. CK (has the conventional SAE "donut") is backward compatible, meaning you can use it in engines rated for older specs (such as CG-4). It's fine to use in your ALH. The other oil has one of the top "quadrants" on the SAE "donut" filled in red. It...
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    Newbie looking for a Tdi

    Chiming in with something nobody's mentioned so far - the Mk. 4 is available with 2 different TDI engines, the ALH (up to 2003), and the BEW (2004-2006). Note that the wagon stayed Mk. 4 to the end of the 2006 model year, while the sedan (and I believe the Golf) switched to Mk. 5 at the end of...
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    Temperature dropping - turbo insanely loud.

    IIRC, the only diesel available on the Rabbit was a 1.5L (wouldn't be able to fit a 12L under the hood), can't recall if it was turbocharged or normally aspirated (in which case it wouldn't have any boost to leak), and it was a mechanical unit (no ECM to observe the problem). Also, I wouldn't...
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    German Lawmakers Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030

    Some would say that a different, lower, orifice was involved.:p
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    Timing belt tention indicator

    How do you do that on a diesel?:p
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    What if the "FIX" results in poor milage/performance?

    Check my sig for vehicles owned, and the fuel economy data on the left side of my post, to see WHY my diesel (non-VW product) would be GONE if a "fix" cost me a mile per gallon. I *DID* run the numbers.
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    VW buys into Navistar...

    For the "attempt to meet 2010 emissions without SCR" trucks, Navistar DID include a system for getting noncompliant trucks off the road - it's called "has a tendency to catch fire".:p
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    What year did VW start installing computers on the diesels

    There's also the AAZ 1.9 litre indirect injection. Don't know if it was sold in the U.S., but plenty of them were sold in Canada.
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    Electrical gremlins

    Does this mean that if you do an incomplete fix, so that the problem goes away for a while and then comes back, that the car would be repossessed?:D