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  1. Nuje

    Free shipping in Canada today! (Tuesdays in October)

    Anything up to 5kg (11lbs) actual or volumetric weight (one cubic foot is pretty much bang-on 5kg volumetric) can be shipped for free* within Canada via Canada Post! *(if you have a "small business" account - which is free and requires nothing more than making up a name for your "business") If...
  2. Nuje

    Mk7 GSW Rear shims(!?)

    Did the rear brakes on a friend's GSW and was surprised that the rear brake pads look like dead ringers for the Mk4 rear pads; however, the box of new pads did not include those thin metal shims ("brake pad retainer springs" is what the Mk4 manual calls them), and the OEM pads that came off...
  3. Nuje

    **2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI** - Vancouver Island

    This was going to be the car to end my car-buying as it was (almost) exactly what I wanted. The one missing piece as the manual transmission, and when one of those popped up recently, I jumped on it. So...most of the work put into this car gets needs to find a new home. Overview: 2015 Golf...
  4. Nuje

    ALH running hot...boils over under load

    Recently did the timing belt on this car (2002 Golf, Stage4, VNT17, 02M - all the good goodies) - used Hepu water pump. Owner reported losing the coolant (OEM G13) coming through mountain pass (25km climb at ~4-6% grade). First fix: Replace thermostat (OEM) - same symptoms. Second fix: Tried...
  5. Nuje

    BRM - coolant hoses behind engine...ARGH!!!!

    Is it just me, or does the BRM seem like they forgot a few things in designing the engine and just slapped a bunch of stuff behind the engine with the hope that no one would ever have to work on them? Friend's 2006 started losing all the coolant - turns out both the heater core hose and...
  6. Nuje

    Strut cup pinch bolt direction...why?

    Been curious about this one for a while: Manual is very specific about the replacement pinch bolt (#14 in diagram below) on the strut cup point forward, so head of bolt is pointing to rear of car and nut is at the front-more part of the car. But yet, EVERY strut I've taken out (all of which...
  7. Nuje

    Best diagram / explanation of internal combustion engine

    Saw this posted on a tech blog (?!) and was totally impressed with how well-explained and diagrammed this explainer is, starting at first principles (producing rotational energy with a crank) and going all the way to oil ports, injections, and timing dual camshafts. To clarify for yourself, or...
  8. Nuje

    Why you replace (or at least check) pivot ball/arm when doing clutch...

    Putting a LUK 17-050 in a friend's car, and the bell housing was just filthy with oily gunk; cleaned it out and finally got down to the pivot ball, only to find NOTHING left of the rubber on the pivot ball, and a pretty nasty dent in the pivot arm socket. Glad we caught this now (310K km).
  9. Nuje

    New (2021) CarPlay Option for Mk7...?

    Looks like this is a CarPlay-capable (but no Android Auto) straight-up plug-and-play head unit/display replacement. Seller doesn't make any mention of component protection (?). Instead of the head unit in the glove box, you can see in one of the photos (scroll way down the page) that the...
  10. Nuje

    Wiper overshoots, but rests properly

    2003 Golf. Driver side wiper works as it's supposed to. Passenger side, though, when wipers are "off", rests relatively high (as seen in photo below), but then once it starts wiping, it slaps against the plastic cowling most of the time (very annoying during the rainy season here). Oddly enough...
  11. Nuje

    Replacing water pump bolts...why?

    Many (most? all?) timing belt kits tend to come replacement bolts for the water pump. With the torque spec being only 15Nm (, and VW not spec-ing "always replace"....does everyone replace them? And if so...why?
  12. Nuje

    WTB: .658 or .681 5th gear set

    Reasonably happy with the 2003 Golf I've nursed back to decency (5sp. swap, bigger injectors, suspension, etc.), but having just driven the '02 with an 02M in it again (doing some work for the guy to whom I sold it)....oh man - I miss me that highway gear. I know the .681 isn't made anymore...
  13. Nuje

    New T-stat; ALH running at 85C now

    Did the timing belt a few months ago and replacing the thermostat at the same time - went with OEM - but didn't have anything to monitor coolant temps and the cluster was at the default "anything above 70C shows as 90C" silliness. Until now... Was out on the freeway today at 110-120km/h and...
  14. Nuje

    Testing as an quick/easy image uploader.

    Image URL: Tried using INSERT IMAGE button from toolbar dice. Good to know.
  15. Nuje

    Anyone use this tool on the rear bushings?

    After finding this on the BigSouthAmericanRiver store, I noticed that idparts has something that looks very similar. Anyone tried it? Success? Fail?
  16. Nuje

    Skid plate missing brackets; OEM an option?

    Found a skid plate available for sale - asked them to make sure they had the brackets, and...showed up to find out they forgot to take them off the car (that they just sold). So...found these OEM brackets for the steel OEM skid plate; does anyone know if these (part# 1J0018930CH) will work with...
  17. Nuje

    Bent exhaust manifold (?)

    Friend came to me with exhaust leak around the manifold on his ALH (2002 Jetta). Found that the two left-most (driver side) nuts holding down the exhaust manifold were not even finger-tight?! Like, putting a ratchet on it, it wouldn't hold the "back-turn" of the ratchet. 🤦‍♂️ Tried tightening...
  18. Nuje

    Indispensable Tools - What's in *your* toolbox?

    I was recently telling someone about how I got started (ignominiously - let's just say fire got involved) working on cars and the spartan set of tools I had at the start, and compared that to the vast array that I've accumulated over the years. Some tools, I thought "I totally need this" and...
  19. Nuje

    FS: Frostheater / Zerostart for ALH 5MT

    This came on a car (2002 Golf TDI, 5sp.) I bought a while back; never used it (I live on west coast), but previous owner said it did what it was supposed to do. Comes as you see here; you'll have to pull together some hoses. $80USD, shipped to Canada/US48.
  20. Nuje

    FS: Snap-on Electronic Torque Wrench

    Probably one of the most indispensable tools in my toolbox; hate working on cars (or bikes for that matter) without it. Takes all the guess-work out of "is this tight enough?", and doesn't make you question your tools like those clicks ones. Good loud, audible BEEP when you get to within 2% of...