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  1. benIV

    Wanted: 2002~2003 ALH TDI Jetta GLS without rust

    I've got an 03 alh wagon 5spd that I may be selling if you're still looking.
  2. benIV

    Runaway? What next?

    My 03 ALH sedan just had a runaway moment I think. I'm almost certain but I've never experienced one before and it was over so quick and it seems fine now so I'm not really sure if it was? I was at a light and started off a lot faster than I ever normally do. I didn't stomp all the way down on...
  3. benIV

    The NARFmobile, My 2001 Golf TDI

    fantastic picture! love the story!
  4. benIV

    WTB: MK4 Jetta Center Console with Cupholders

    After Jake gets his pick, lol, if you have any extras I’m in the market too.
  5. benIV

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    So the seats, carpets And pillars are grey? thought of doing a neat pattern with both grey and black in it?
  6. benIV

    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Welcome. You can search this thread VW Passat Family (NMS and B7) TDIs (2012+) I’m sure there’s something in there, otherwise maybe here Upgrades (non TDI Engine related) Glad to have you! Hope you enjoy the TDI!
  7. benIV

    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

  8. benIV

    Insurance on a ALH TDI

    I don’t work for free either.
  9. benIV

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I thought that bit of the dipstick tube is always been metal while the upper part was plastic (obv missing in photo)
  10. benIV

    Insurance on a ALH TDI

    And we wonder why health insurance is so disastrous. Seems very few in this world understand truly what insurance is. for op i do same as others. decide what you can absorb in worst case scenario and cover yourself for the rest at minimums.
  11. benIV

    Trunk Troubles

    It’s the single light AFAIK. I had a similar problem and but the latch was broken and only latching sometimes. Sometimes it would unlatch hitting a bump. I’m not sure how the sensor works, but my problem went away after replacing the latch.
  12. benIV

    Water in the drivers footwell

    is there a way to replace the seal in the plenum under the windscreen?
  13. benIV

    4-post Lift question

    Yeah the lift manufacturer makes one specifically for the lift, which makes me feel like it’s the best choice, but it’s just about as much as the lift itself was. It’s most likely worth it, just wasn’t sure what the other options might be. The company who sold it to me and dropped it off said...
  14. benIV

    4-post Lift question

    Anyone with a four post lift, what do you use to lift the wheels off the runways? (other than a different 2-post) I’ve seen various options. Would love the rolling bridge jack made for the actual model but it’s so expensive.
  15. benIV

    Barn Find

    very nice find and progress! sounds like how mine got after a couple of years... so frustrating.
  16. benIV

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    always wanted to find things to put in those empty spots, lol
  17. benIV

    mk6 JSW guy here looking for South Caralina relocation input.

    Tiffin/Findlay and Wilmington. We were trying to move to Charleston/Florence/Orange areas.
  18. benIV

    2021 Suburban Diesel?

    we’ve been considering a sprinter or similar too.... just went to local chevy dealer and got a tag of 78k ,,,,,,,, lol.
  19. benIV

    2021 Suburban Diesel?

    We were looking for another suburban and when we saw the news about the new Suburban diesel option I got a little excited. From what I understand it’s a newish engine but one they’ve used for a year or two in their pickups? I was also a bit surprised to see it’s a 3.0L straight 6? I am looking...