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  1. astonishedboy

    Grinding Noise

    I have an issue that at first made me think I just needed a wheel balancing. I notice when I turned away from center, there is a noise and a vibration. It sounds like bearing grinding. Left or right, even the slightest angle away from center will cause this to happen. It is definitely not a...
  2. astonishedboy

    bad noise

    I can't diagnose the problem, but I'm thinking it is clutch or throw out bearing. There is a clunking noise that comes when the car is moving, but not under load. It is not noticeable in first gear. It is most apparent when stepping on the clutch and giving fuel, but the car has to be moving...
  3. astonishedboy

    FS: MkIV stuff

    Drivers side Golf Headlight, no fog - $30 shipped *the tabs on the top are broken, but the headlight is intact and working fine. I think the tabs can be replaced. Steering wheel, 4 spoke, not leather, Airbag included - $140 shipped Turn signal, and wiper stalk, cruise buttons on stalk - $28...
  4. astonishedboy

    Tires and wheels

    FS: Tires and wheels I have a set of 4 steel wheels covered with Bridgestone Blizzak Snow tires. 195/65-15, 5x100. They have been used for a few seasons, but are still in great shape. Please see the auction here: I will only sell locally...
  5. astonishedboy

    FS: Steering Wheel, airbag, stalk...

    I'm selling my 4 Spoke Steering wheel, and Airbag together Turn Signal, Wiper, and Cruise Control Stalk I can take Paypal too Part # 1J0 419 091, 1JQ 54K VCW Part # 8L0 953 513 J
  6. astonishedboy

    WTB: cover, solar charger

    I'm heading out of town for a while. I am looking for a Car cover, and the Solar panel trickle charger for my Golf. Anyone...
  7. astonishedboy

    FS: Window Guards

    Sold to local yokle. I've got window guards for the front two windows. these are for a 4 door. they snap into the window track, not stick on. I think they are OEM, or driver gear. I bought them from someone, but they don't fit my Two door. yours for $30 plus shipping.
  8. astonishedboy

    Radio Coding

    Does a Factory Radio need to be coded (i.e. with Vagcom) to work with a trunk CD player/Phatbox? I installed a used OEM single Din, non-monsoon. (mine was having problems) It doesn't recognize the phatbox. I want to make sure it isn't a radio problem before I move on to diagnozing the...
  9. astonishedboy

    Radio Coding

    The buttons on my radio were sticking, so I put in another one... OEM, same model that was in there. If it came from a car that did not have a CD player in the trunk, does it need to be coded with Vagcom to accept a Trunk CD player? It is not recognizing my Phatbox... Could be a phatbox problem.
  10. astonishedboy

    WTB: Golf fender

    I fought the guard rail, and the guard rail won. Anyone have a Passenger front fender for a Golf. Mine is Uniblack, but I would take whatever. Maybe Yinz up there at the TDIfest have something layin' around... don't be shy. Maybe I can convince Metalnerd to bring it back for me...
  11. astonishedboy

    WTB: Auto Beetle, wrecked OK

    Posting this for a friend who is looking for an Auto Beetle. Wrecked might be OK, so let me know what you have. Hopefully within a few hundred miles of Pittsburgh, PA. THanks
  12. astonishedboy

    My RC Golf

    About six weeks ago, I finally drove out to Jeff, and got rocketchip 2+/3+. He also installed sprint 520's and a boost valve for me. (thanks for spending your whole day with me!) We noticed the turbo was very sticky, so I got home and cleaned it along with the intake a few weeks ago. That...
  13. astonishedboy

    Turbo Actuator Question

    I recently took my turbo apart, and cleaned the inside. (Thanks for the great instruction from the club!) When I put it back together, it was moving freely. However, the lever which connects to the actuator did not reach the stop screw. It would move up and down freely, but just not far enough...
  14. astonishedboy

    Another Airbag Thread

    I've read through the nemerous posts concerning Vagcom and the Faulty ACM. This thread in particular has provided some great insight. Thanks Uwe, for explaining how to remove the airbag scan from the autoscan.txt. I have the problem ACM in my 2000 golf. Recently I replaced my steering wheel...
  15. astonishedboy

    FS: autodim/rainsensor mirror

    SOLD!! If your windsheild needs replacing, why not upgrade? One Autodimming/Rainsensing Rear View Mirror for sale. Requires GLI windsheild, some repair wires, and a few other parts. Here are some awesome instructions courtesy of Mogolf Selling for $175 shipped
  16. astonishedboy

    golf Hubcaps

    I've got two of them for sale. One has a small chip missing, which doesn't effect the performance. the other is in great shape. $8 each + shipping Here is what they look like:
  17. astonishedboy

    Events/Clubs Forum

    In the regional section, there is a forum for Events/clubs/GTG's. I'm not sure what this section is for, since usually GTG's are posted in the region in which they are held. Is it necessary?
  18. astonishedboy

    Pittsburgh GTG - Oct 14th

    Let's do this again! Saturday the 14th of October, at my place in Sewickley. Id like to get a head count on who can make it. I sent out messages to all who came in June. Hope to see yinz again. There is alot of work to be done on my TDI. Some fun and some not so fun. Suspension, Sprint...
  19. astonishedboy

    FS - 5x100 Stock Steel Wheels

    All four steel wheels off of my 2000 Golf. They have all season tires on them. It is the buyers choice to leave the tires on or take them off. 2 Cordovan Century 2 Sigma Shadow New about a year ago, and still good to go... $75 Without tires $108 With tires I prefer a local sale. If you...
  20. astonishedboy

    Pittsburgh Phatbox help

    Anyone with a Phatbox in the Pitsburgh area? I ran into a some trouble with mine and need to talk with some other Phat cats, and perhaps borrow a DMS for a few minutes. -Frank