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  1. klazzic

    ‘97 VR6 Sedan in Aurora CO salvage yard

    Lots of goodies present. I only took the front brakes… they make the stock b4 tdi brakes look likes toys haha… Glass seemed all good. Gauge cluster was present. Console was busted as it was likely locked. Anyways, heads up for anyone local.
  2. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    Hello Everyone, I don't think I ever made an intro post... and now, not too long after finally getting a forum account, I've convinced myself to part ways with my two current VW diesels. After enjoying various VW diesels (5 that I've owned) over the years, I have not been involved in the forum...
  3. klazzic

    Another one bites the dust

    Well I happened to check in at a “junk yard” not to far from where I work and found this: It had only been in the yard 5 days and someone yanked the drivetrain, and butchered part of the interior for whatever reason. Supposedly it’s a 1997. Is that right in it being a I think Sept of ‘96...
  4. klazzic

    SOLD-2015 Golf TDI Auto $13,900 OBO 50xxx miles Denver, CO

    Hello everyone, I’ve decided to part ways with my MK7 Golf TDI SE with 50xxx miles. I’m keeping my B4V as it has more space for my current needs ( the golf has nicer door handles =] my loss). Special pricing of $13,900 OBO and bonus (Q-Pro from KermaTDI) included for club members. This vehicle...
  5. klazzic

    2005 Passat TDI Sedan 4K in CO-not mine

    This looks like a sweet one to do a manual swap on, injectors and a tune. Low low miles...
  6. klazzic

    ‘96 B4 TDI $1500 -Not mine, Craigslist AD in Colorado

    Thought I’d pass this on in case someone’s on the look out.