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  1. pedroYUL

    Question for the transmission experts

    Maybe this is even a 101 question, I admit having much to learn about transmissions anyway. Car: 2015 Passat SE 6MT 93k miles. New to me since maybe 80k. Issue: I don't recall noticing this when I test drove the car, but after a long drive back home and some more driving I noticed the stick...
  2. pedroYUL

    WTB 5x112 15" steel rims in SW MI

    Well, it seems that corrosion has done the current alloy ones. Anyone with a good set of 15in 5x112 near Portage MI? I found an excellent set in CL, but way far away in Chicago.
  3. pedroYUL

    2015 NMS lift (suspension upgrade) DIY

    Well, after much reading, hesitation, and then waiting for parts I was able to lift and firm up my 2015 Passat SE using: * H&R Tiguan lift springs 29037-1 * Bilstein B4 22-151056 Struts * Audi 81A-407-183 control arm big bushing Control arm bushing before pressing: New bushing in place. This...
  4. pedroYUL

    WTB mk4 BEW short boost pipe

    Need another one of this:
  5. pedroYUL

    Battery upgrade DIY

    Hello people, The battery in my wife's 2015 GSW S finally kicked the bucket, stamped date 12/15 which means this is the original battery fitted. I've read this thread, but the part numbers seemed confusing...
  6. pedroYUL

    MIB1 to MIB2 conversion, lost RVC

    After a lot of waiting on tools (D-Link dub-e100, VCP, and some online help), I finally have a working MIB2STD in my 2015 GSW S. But the rearview camera (RVC) is not working, the only thing not working. Here is my long coding on 5F: Anyone with experience in what could be going on, probably...
  7. pedroYUL

    FS BT module from Passat NMS

    Original from my 2015 Passat SE, PN 1K0 035 188F Delphi 6 disk changer, supports Sirius, which I had for a while; and backup camera. In mint condition. $100 plus actual shipping or pickup. Also for sale BT module+MDI for 2015 Passat, the module that sits inside the armrest PN 5N0 035 729E...
  8. pedroYUL

    Nuisance code P2564

    Car is a BEW engine. Yes, I've checked the wires to the smart actuator all the way up to the 3rd loom by the coolant bottle...they seem fine. Actuator holds vacuum, vac line also holds vacuum, car drives normal for a while until there is usually a small delay in boost and immediate CEL. The...
  9. pedroYUL

    WTB mk4 belly pan

    Looking for a belly pan, not sure if it matters but for a jetta wagon manual transmission. Probably better if you are close by SW MI.
  10. pedroYUL

    Febest inner CV joint mk4 New, never installed. I believe I went with a complete axle. $10+shipping (your choice of speed).
  11. pedroYUL

    FS mk7 Strut Mounts and Bearings

    5Q0-412-331-E Mount 5QM-412-249 Bearing Came out of my 2015 GSW with 120k miles. Complete set for both sides. Changed springs and bought mounts just in case, originals are still smooth and rubber in good condition. $20+actual shipping (your choice of speed).
  12. pedroYUL

    19044/P2612/009746 code

    My '04 BEW with 400k kilometers started with this P2612 code last summer, on and off. The AC never stopped working. This year, the code came back (I don't understand how this one is a CEL), and the AC is not working, full cold, blower in highest, recirc on, nothing...also, the fans now don't...
  13. pedroYUL

    WTB 2015 GSW tonneau/blind

    It seems like the right part number is 5GM86787145W, and it can be from a GSW or Alltrack 2015-2019. Not really looking forward to spending $300+ for a new one. Anyone?
  14. pedroYUL

    WTB MK5 car SW MI

    Need an mk5 car with a solid body, extremely little to no rust. Better if manual transmission, as it'll be much less work for me. I just need a solid body, engine/trans could be not functional.
  15. pedroYUL

    Emissions reduction devices in 2015 GSW

    Hi, Please educate me. As the owner of 2 older gen TDIs I don't fully understand which devices come in the 2015 engine. From what I read online it seems like the EA288 engine uses a DPF and urea injection among other things to reduce emissions, could someone please corroborate? Thanks, Pedro
  16. pedroYUL

    WTB updated CAN bus for mk5

    As the title says. I'm looking for a newer CAN bus to prevent the battery drain issue in my 2006 jetta
  17. pedroYUL

    What voltage for 7V glow plugs?

    It sounds like a redundant question, but I just checked the glow plugs in my '04 BEW and it has the NGK 7v steel jacket ceramic. When I check the voltage at the harness it only sends 5 volts. Did the dealer screw me up on the 2nd recall, installed the updated plugs but never flashed the ECU...
  18. pedroYUL

    BRM charge hose swelling

    Hi, I have this hose: swelling considerably at high rpm (past 3500). I have changed the hose with a brand new one, but it is still swelling somewhat. Is this a case of a clogged intake manifold? I don't think charge hoses...
  19. pedroYUL

    Heated seats too hot

    I've dragged my feet with this issue in my wife's 2006 Jetta. One day, I believe last winter, the heat started to be too much for both seats but worst for the driver's. In my 2004 I had to replace both switches because they would only work in some positions, but then nothing one day. Is it the...
  20. pedroYUL

    WTB mk5 jetta right front door

    Any color, not repaired. Any condition wire harness except cut. Local preferred, but can travel some from 49024