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  1. Nuje

    G60/VR6 Sachs Kit slipping

    You can certainly drive in the higher gears, but just avoid accelerating hard in those gears. For example, feel free to drive in 5th gear at 100km/h, but if you need to quickly pass someone while driving at 100km/h....don't.
  2. Nuje

    Bad Belt Tensioner?

    I'd check the alternator pulley first - make sure it's able to "freewheel" in one direction; that's a more common issue with serpentine belt roughness. Remove the belt. Lock the alternator (put a screwdriver in it to prevent it from turning. See if you can freely move the pulley one direction...
  3. Nuje

    The NARFmobile, My 2001 Golf TDI

    It's so bizarre. Even as of November 8, we'll be able to enter the US simply with proof of double-vax. But to get back *INTO* Canada (for Canadians....who obviously proved double-vax to leave), we need that *PLUS* a negative PCR test (at $200-$300) within the 72hr. window prior to re-entering. 🤔...
  4. Nuje

    FS MKIV Jetta GLI Recaro seats. Heated, that's right, Heated.

    Yep - this is a more-than-fair price! 👍 How's the driver side outer side bolsters - the padding on those has a tendency to wear down and the metal substructure pushes through; is the padding still good there?
  5. Nuje

    Folks.. this cant be this hard... or can it?

    I just pulled the turbo off a car that had similar-sounding low-boost issue (although, not the intermittency). While the VNT actuator moved smoothly within recommended vacuum parameters upon first inspection, after looking at it a few more times, I thought that the range of motion of the arm...
  6. Nuje

    Can lock either IP, or cam....not both.

    Yep. Just lock the cam and flywheel, loosen the three IP bolts, use the 22mm wrench to turn it so that the locking pin slides in (it's a *REALLY* snug fit), then proceed with the task at hand. (Edit: Tighten the IP bolts once you get locking pin in, counter holding with the 22mm wrench)
  7. Nuje

    Shifter weight orientation

    Yep - there's a bunch of little teeth on the shifter, with one section (somewhere around 10o'clock when viewed from above and shifter in neutral, IIRC) that is roughly double-width.
  8. Nuje

    FS: Parting out ALH Stage 3 setup

    The 5yr. follow-up! Haven't seen that one before. :D
  9. Nuje

    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    Doing the hammer mod and upping the IQ to somewhere around 4-5 will probably improve fuel economy and not have any adverse impact on performance.
  10. Nuje

    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    It's great that the price for this kind of upgrade has come down so much in the three years since I got mine - literally 20% of what my final cost was. (Granted, i got the largest 8" display which was an additional cost, but if you're good with sticking with the smaller one, it alleviates the...
  11. Nuje

    Snap-on Scanner (new software) perform Brake Bleed for 2002 TDI?

    Doesn't currently have any of that functionality. @gmenounos would have to build it into an upcoming release.
  12. Nuje

    Snap-on Scanner (new software) perform Brake Bleed for 2002 TDI?

    3) After you start the ABS procedure, the VCDS window gives you instructions. - PRESS AND HOLD BRAKE PEDAL (abs pump starts cranking once you've done this; continue to hold while it spins away); once it stops, you click NEXT (or it might just automatically go to next screen) - "OPEN FR and FL...
  13. Nuje

    What's the magic behind high MPG with 0.216 injectors?

    Let me if / when / where you can find a .681 5th; i've looked a number of times and only come up with .658 and .622 in anything taller than .700
  14. Nuje

    1.6 tdi long crank on cold engine

    My 2.0L Mk7 TDI has sporadically started doing this too. First start of the day - super fast; stop after 3hrs of freeway driving and go to start it again - cranks for 3-5sec. Drive another hour. Stop. Starts right away. I've decided to just let it be until it becomes persistent and / or a...
  15. Nuje

    Snap-on Scanner (new software) perform Brake Bleed for 2002 TDI?

    Oops! Forgot the (VERY) important step of requiring a pressure bleeder - on the Mk4, I believe it needs to be at 1bar (~15psi) for the duration of the process.
  16. Nuje

    Snap-on Scanner (new software) perform Brake Bleed for 2002 TDI?

    Given that the ABS bleed procedure is a multi-step process within VCDS, I'm not sure @gmenounos's kw1281test tool will work. The VCDS interface proceeds through a number of steps, done via the BASIC SETTINGS sub-menu of the ABS module. *(EDIT: Pressure bleeder is required for this process -...
  17. Nuje

    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    Poor Narfmobile. 😢
  18. Nuje

    New turbo, getting things back together thread.

    Exploded parts diagram of ALH turbo (albeit with the old-style mount and return line):
  19. Nuje

    Headlight Removal WITHOUT Removing Bumper?

    Enjoy the ease of the Mk4 bumper cover; having taken both front and rears off / on my mk7 close to a dozen times in the past few months while working on retrofits....the thought of *having* to remove the Mk4 bumper cover almost makes me smile given how easy it is. :D
  20. Nuje

    Stereo head units

    Some additional thoughts / tips in the this thread.