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  1. benIV

    Runaway? What next?

    My 03 ALH sedan just had a runaway moment I think. I'm almost certain but I've never experienced one before and it was over so quick and it seems fine now so I'm not really sure if it was? I was at a light and started off a lot faster than I ever normally do. I didn't stomp all the way down on...
  2. benIV

    4-post Lift question

    Anyone with a four post lift, what do you use to lift the wheels off the runways? (other than a different 2-post) I’ve seen various options. Would love the rolling bridge jack made for the actual model but it’s so expensive.
  3. benIV

    2021 Suburban Diesel?

    We were looking for another suburban and when we saw the news about the new Suburban diesel option I got a little excited. From what I understand it’s a newish engine but one they’ve used for a year or two in their pickups? I was also a bit surprised to see it’s a 3.0L straight 6? I am looking...
  4. benIV

    A4 not started in almost a year.. pre-start question

    Because of water damage, my a4 jetta sedan has not been started for almost a year. What do I need to do before restarting? It’s about 2 years/20K miles til TB change needed, so should I do it early? Drain fuel Replace fuel/oil filters Change oil Air filter .. what else? what other...
  5. benIV

    Heavy front end feeling

    Just replaced rotors and pads on front. Everything went fine. Next day I’m getting this odd feeling like the front of the car is heavy, as though I can’t accelerate as well or that the car needs more power to accelerate as normal. The drag/heaviness is most noticeable in second gear; the car...
  6. benIV

    What’s your garage look like?

    Wasn’t sure where to post this so I apologize in advance. I’m getting ready to build a shop and storage for my TDI’s and their friends. I’ve got grand ideas but I’d love to see what everyone’s else’s looks like. If you feel up for sharing, I’d love to see some pictures or drawings or whatever...
  7. benIV

    Richmond a4 Jetta

    Drive by a silver a4 Jetta TDI on north bound 295 near north Richmond on Friday 11-9 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. benIV

    Wheel refurbishing?

    I’ve got some mk4 aluminum vw wheels. Theyr’e getting mighty scratched up. is it possible to refinish them somehow? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. benIV

    Windshield leak and/or seal testing

    How do I test my windshield to see if it leaks.. Had it replaced by safelite several years ago before I realized how awful they were. I have a leak and think it came from someplace else, but I want to check the windshield before I put everything back together thinking it’s all good only to get...
  10. benIV

    Bad cv ? Problem clutch and/or flywheel?

    UPDATE: I added this link to a video.. it’s not my car, but that’s the exact noise i’m hearing. These issues seemed to begin around the same time. Unsure if related. The possible bad cv is newest symptom by maybe a day or 3, cv issue just came up a...
  11. benIV

    Key FOB oddity

    I was having some trouble with my key fob. (It wasn’t working except within 2 feet of the car) I replaced the battery. Worked a lot better. All of the sudden, the unlock functions completely stops. I’m able to use the lock function from the same distance as before. Is this a battery problem...
  12. benIV

    A/C work - should i? must i?

    I’ve narrowed down my a/c problem to a few things: little fan is bad. compressor is bad. i’m replacing these and the drier. Do i really need to drain the coolant (to remove a line or two) or can these components be replaced while leaving the coolant system alone?
  13. benIV

    Idle rpms too high - weird solution

    So I’m not sure if it’s part of the tune, or some kind of problem, but I’m having varying idle engine speeds usually at start up or when coming to a stop. For instance, sometimes (in the summer too) when I start the car in the morning, the idle speeds stay at around 1400-1500. It doesn’t...
  14. benIV

    Craigslist find: 03 Jetta Sedan 352K miles... automatic... Raleigh

    I don’t know anything about this. Was getting ready to email the guy and ask questions but then saw the mileage listed as 352K miles and that it’s an automatic... what are the chances. lol anyway, anyone interested, there...
  15. benIV

    96 Passat 5spd Sedan - Red - Craigslist Find - Virginia Beach, VA I was searching for tdi's and there's a ton of mk4 and older for sale. this one looked promising and uncommon. Figured maybe someone would like a look. I don't know the owner, the car, or anything other...
  16. benIV

    Family Truck picked up

    Sorry it’s not about a diesel, but I am excited about this. My father in-laws truck which he sold about 15 years ago to a friend finally found it’s way home. My wife’s been so anxious to get this back in her family. Glad we did. It’s a lot of fun. Her father is having some memory issues and...
  17. benIV

    NC et al TDI’ers

    I’m down here on the coast of NC in Jacksonville. I see TDI’s all the time. Wonder how many of you are on here? I would love to be part of some local gtg’s or regional ones. I’m making cards with the forum template to drop on tdi’s i find in the area. lol. Anyway, if you’re in the area, sound...
  18. benIV

    What is this?

    2003 Jetta Sedan. This was just hanging out under the cowling on the driver’s side of the front windshield. I’m wondering what it is. I lifted it up and placed it over the spindle to get a better view of it.
  19. benIV

    Car cover

    Just wondering what others have bought.. looking for a good weatherproof cover. Dealership sells the cover king storm proof for 220. For some reason when you go to cover king’s online store the same cover is 285... not sure why. anyway, i have 03 jetta sedan and 03 jetta wagon. looking for...
  20. benIV

    Did I do the autoscan right?

    Did the first ever autoscan using my newly aquired VCDS hex v2 and this is what i get (firstly, i assume I needed to have the engine running when i did the scan... was this correct? It seems like i'm missing a lot of info, though i'm not sure what it would be. was expecting a much longer list)...