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  1. blueboy7

    ZDDP additive

    Since installing a new cam and all the other goodies I've been using Liqui Moly Top Tec 4100 5w40 with the addition of adding ZDDPPlus. So far my 04 Jetta has 279,717 miles on it. I have put almost 32K miles on it since the new cam, changing the oil every 5K. A little overkill, maybe, but I...
  2. blueboy7

    VCDS help

  3. blueboy7

    battery cables

    Anyone ever have a problem with their cables? These have the brass clamps and I had to fix both of mine. Even though it was crimped nice and tight and totally clean it would sometimes not make contact and was getting hot. So I cut the end off, drilled it out and soldered the cable back in...
  4. blueboy7

    VCDS question

    Hey guys, I need to know which measuring blocks to record for injector issues. Group 13 for one but there’s two more groups I can record. According to the fault codes the problem I’m having is #1 cylinder is cutting out due to an electrical issue. I’m assuming it’s the injector harness under...
  5. blueboy7

    List of all sensors

    Does anyone have a complete list of every single sensor, it's function and location on a Jetta MKIV-A4 PD? Thanks folks!
  6. blueboy7

    Dying ignition?

    Had this problem for a while now. OLD POST It’s getting a lot worse. Starting to die on me even when the engine is hot. It’s cutting out but if I have enough speed it picks up and keeps running. A couple times had to turn the key off and back on and kept going. Until this morning I was turning...
  7. blueboy7

    cold sputter

    Just started a week ago. When shifting up threw the gears the engine sputters under a load when building up the RPM's to shift again. As of now not that bad and not all the time. Acts like a gasser miss fire. After the engine gets warmed up seems to run fine. 04 Jetta Thanks, Blue 11-27-20...
  8. blueboy7

    Exhaust flow restriction

    Look what I found!:eek: Was changing the oxygen sensor and found this in the exhaust pipe. Just a little bit of a flow restriction.:( Definitely has more power now, not a lot but noticeable.:cool: I knew the car had a bad turbo but I'm not sure if the turbine wheel was missing when I took it...
  9. blueboy7

    Pillar gauge pod

    Been wanting to add an oil pressure gauge. Was thinking about putting a three gauge pod on the pillar. But what to put in the other two. Has anyone done this and what gauges did you use? Got pics?
  10. blueboy7

    What color did you paint your hubcaps/wheels

    My Jetta is a dark gray sedan. I’m trying to figure out what color would look good for the hubcaps. Anyone have some pictures they would like to share?
  11. blueboy7

    EGR delete PD engine

    Does anyone know if you can use a Vag-Com to do an EGR delete on a 2004 PD engine? Thought I read somewhere where it wouldn’t work but can’t find it again.
  12. blueboy7

    Tranny output shaft preload

    Clutch went out in my Jetta and found the output shaft broke through the case (where the 4 nuts are). It’s re-welded and the is bore re-machined. I need to know how do you get the race in and out to check the end-play? The race has a .0015 press fit. (I hope this is the correct amount) I found...
  13. blueboy7

    Help with VCDS

    Brand new to this. Plug and play? Does not seem so!! Just took it out of the bag, plugged it in and NOTHING! No instructions, not a single xx thing telling me how to get started. Green light blinking but nothing on the laptop screen. I need to check the timing. I put a new crank sensor in and...
  14. blueboy7

    Shudder at 2,500

    My car, 04 1.9 PD had been sitting over the winter and tried to start it one day and killed the battery. Charged it up for a few days and got the car running, went for a drive and all was good until for no reason it started shuddering. I was barely able to get it home. Today I started it and...
  15. blueboy7

    Need head Lights

    Ok, I called ID Parts, they no longer have the Euro style headlights.:( All they have is a stock replacement. It is Hella (made in Mexico) but it takes the stock 9007 lamp. I have read through most of this thread: Are the Euro style / E-code...
  16. blueboy7

    AC relief valve

    I need / like to buy a new one. The dealer and part stores are no help. I E-mailed the manufacturer but have not heard back yet. Anyone buy one before and where?
  17. blueboy7

    Recharging AC

    Had to replace the condenser in my 04 Jetta. The one I got from a junk yard had green oil in it. And the car has light amber. I plan on evacuating and charging the system myself. 1. what is the green oil? 2. is it ok to mix the two? 3. flush out the condenser? 4. flush out the whole system and...
  18. blueboy7

    Rear caliper E-brake

    The lever for the E-brake was stuck and would not return. It was not that bad and I got it freed up with some PB Blaster. Anyone have long term success doing this?
  19. blueboy7

    Dreaded lift pump

    My 04 jetta lift pump is only putting out 6 lbs of dead head pressure. It should be about 15? Is it time for a new pump? I broke in a new cam and after 30 min of running it did not want to start again. It was low on fuel so I put more in and it started fine but after running for about 5 min it...
  20. blueboy7

    Liqui Moly High Tech 4100 5w40

    Does anyone know what the specs are on this oil? psi values = ? zinc = ? ppm phosphorus = ? ppm moly = ? ppm calcium = ? ppm TBN = ? Mostly interested in the zinc (ZDDP) value. Thanks:)