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  1. turbobrick240


    Apparently VW may be considering changing the brand name to "Voltswagen" in the US...
  2. turbobrick240

    Why are TDI swaps so popular? Youtube series

    This video about tdi swaps (mostly into off road vehicles)just popped up on my youtube feed. I figured it might be of interest to folks here:
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    Hybrid Hellcat??

    I just came across this article reporting FCA may have plans to hybridize the Dodge Hellcat. I think it's cool, but wonder how the mainstream MOPAR guys will react to the loss of the big V8. Here's the article...
  4. turbobrick240

    FCA cheating diesel settlement

    Fiat-Chrysler has reached a settlement for their emissions cheating software in the 2014-'16 3.0l "ecodiesel" vehicles. It looks like eligible owners may get around $3000 and an extended warranty along with the software update...
  5. turbobrick240

    Opinions on VW's 2.5l I5 wanted

    My golf is going back to VW at the end of the month and I've been looking at replacements. Today I test drove a '10 golf 2.5L 5 speed with 112k miles. It rode very nicely, though didn't have the abundant torque I've been spoiled by. Had new 15" tires and felt very tight. Seems like a good...
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    Mouse chewed my wire harness

    I've been having electrical problems for awhile, specifically the passenger low beam and blinker aren't working. I thought the underhood fuse block might be the culprit because one of the fuses was partly melted but not blown. I replaced it but no change. Then I noticed the foam grommet...
  7. turbobrick240

    Dozens of stolen tdi's sold by shady Kentucky dealer

    I just saw this jalopnik article about 60+ bought back tdi's stolen from the Detroit storage yard. Apparently quite a few have been resold at auction. Not a very bright scam!
  8. turbobrick240

    Gen 1 fix approved!

    For those who have kept their cars in the hope that a fix would be approved- the day has come! The gen1 fix has officially been approved! Can't wait for the low mileage fixed buyback cars to hit the market.
  9. turbobrick240

    FS: cjaa turbo

    Borg warner bv43b turbo removed from my '11 golf at 102k miles. Worked great, just upgraded to the bv43a. $100 + shipping.
  10. turbobrick240

    CP4 hpfp for shipping

    I have a good cp4 hpfp that came off my '11 golf at ~120k miles when I upgraded to a cp3. It's free +shipping to whoever needs one. Preferably to someone whose pump has failed and needs a replacement.
  11. turbobrick240

    Anybody need a good used hpfp?

    I have a good used hpfp for anyone who needs one. Shipping cost only. I upgraded to a cp3 pump. 120k on pump- used lubricity additives.
  12. turbobrick240

    CR170 spring sale

    I'm wondering if anybody here ordered a cr170 turbo kit from GDM during the spring sale. If so, have they received the kit yet? I put down a deposit at the beginning of april and hope to receive my kit soon. Maybe those who are having Les do the install get first dibs.
  13. turbobrick240

    got the wrong rear brake pads

    I recently bought some rear brake pads for my '11 golf at advanced auto. After jacking the car up and removing a caliper, i realized the pads were the wrong style. They show up along with the correct pads on the advanced auto computer. Is this a snafu, or were two different style rear...