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  1. mogly

    1996 Passat GLX TDI Wagon. California car. Zero rust. 61K on body.

  2. mogly

    1989 VW DoKa Double Cab TDI. Project truck

    Unusual VW to be posted here. It's currently listed on ebay with No Reserve. Specs as follows: 1989 DoKa mTDI 1989 DoKa 1.9L TDI. TURBO DIESEL Converted to mechanical injection. AHU engine code. German import. 4 speed manual trans. 5...
  3. mogly

    Passat W8 Xenon HID Headlamps

    Passat W8 Xenon HID Headlamps. Factory Part Numbers: - 3B7.941.017T - 3B7.941.018T These are OEM factory parts. Not cheap aftermarket. $350 USD
  4. mogly

    B5.5 Passat GMR code auto trans

    The trans has 240K, well the car it came from did. I personally drove the car, hot and cold it shifted properly. I scanned the TCU and there were no active codes. It’s the proper GMR code. It is drained. I’m in Sarnia, ON Canada but am willing to ship anywhere at the buyer's expense. Asking...
  5. mogly

    Parting out an Indigo Blue 2005 Jetta BEW Wagon

    Parting out 2005 MK IV TDI Wagon. Body is rotten. 1.9L TDI engine. BEW code. Auto trans. 300TKM. No active or historic codes in the engine and trans. PARTS: Engine. Long block. Complete oil pan to valve cover. $650 BEW only Turbo. $300 EGR cooler. $100 Intake: $40 ASV (anti-shutter valve): $40...
  6. mogly

    BRM Injector set. 125K/200TKM. complete matched of 4. $200

    BRM Injector set. 125K/200TKM. complete matched of 4. $200USD
  7. mogly

    1.9L BEW. 75K miles.

    1.9L BEW code. 75K miles/120XXX kms. Ran excellent. Pulled from a wreck. Fits: 2004-2006. $750 USD complete long block. Valve cover to oil pan. Pick up or shipping at buyer's expense.
  8. mogly

    Nural 2.0L BHW Pistons. NEW. Std size

    Nural 2.0L BHW Pistons. NEW. Standard size. 81mm Rings are also new and mounted. Fitted to rods but never mounted inside an engine. Cheapest I've found online : $849 $750USD shipped within Canada/ Lower 48 USA
  9. mogly

    FS: ALH 11mm Injection pump

    FS: One good used 11mm ALH Injection pump. ~250TKM/ 150K miles. Was leak free/dry when removed. $300USD shipped within Canada/ Lower 48 USA
  10. mogly

    ALH Block Girdle Kit

    A block girdle kit for an ALH. It is brand new but has been mounted to a bare block for test fitting. Includes NEW: - new girdle - ARP crank main bearing stud set with spacers - full set of longer oil pan to block hardware. - oil pan to block Victor Reinz gasket - Longer hardware for oil pump...
  11. mogly

    MK IV ALH 5 speed

    5 speed from an ALH equipped MK IV. $325USD Also have all the necessary pieces for a 5 speed swap for $325
  12. mogly

    B4 Passat Factory Cupholder.

    B4 Passat Factory Cupholder. 3A1862531 Nice original shape. Includes mounting hardware. $75USD or a decent one for $50
  13. mogly

    FS: 1997 VW T4 TDI DoKa

    1997 VW T4 TDI DoKa. 2.5L ACV code. 5 speed O2G manual trans. Stock German truck imported by me 5-6 years ago. Very utilitarian with minimal options: PS and PB. aftermarket CD radio. Rubber flooring throughout. Sold
  14. mogly

    FS: B4 Passat MFA cluster

    FS: Instrument cluster from a 1997 Passat GLX. It’s an MFA (multi functional display) unit. Come with all of the necessary wiring and the outside air temp gauge. $130
  15. mogly

    FS: '98 ALH 5 speed Beetle

    FS: Selling the family Beetle. Has been owned by either us or my folks and used sparingly for ~6 years. 1998 ALH Beetle. 5 speed manual. 250K/400TKM. Black on black leather. In the last 10-15K miles it has had a very thorough amount of maintenance: - rebuilt cylinder head - full timing...
  16. mogly

    Wheel bearing tool- suggestions

    Looking to purchase a wheel bearing removal tool. The type that removes the bearings with the hubs in place. Snap On is $550+ which is more than I want to spend currently. Looking for good quality, not Harbour freight stuff. Recommendations?
  17. mogly

    WTB: LC6M Bright Green MKIV Golf fenders

    Looking to buy a pair of rust free, or very close LC6M Bright Green fenders for a mk IV Golf.
  18. mogly

    Looking for a pair of MK IV Golf fenders. LC6M. Bright Green.

    Looking to purchase one pair of LC6M rust free (or very close) MK IV Golf fenders.