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  1. uberdiesel

    Mk7 sunroof leak

    I’m very impressed with the mk7 Golf sunroofs... I can’t find any threads about leaks on a Golf. (I did find a few threads about the GSW sunroof.) Has any one had to correct a leak in their Golf sunroof? Any fixes known? My ‘15 Golf was leaking into the cabin from the cabin light controls at the...
  2. uberdiesel

    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye

    I was committed to keeping my excellent 2013 6M tech Golf TDI. Truly, a great-handling, durable, stout and nimble car. I have no complaints. Zero. I put 145K completely trouble-free miles on it in four years. I had no reason to let it go. But, the buy back was too good to refuse. I realized...
  3. uberdiesel

    Third brake assembly removal/ washer nozzle inspection

    I noticed that washer fluid is barely dribbling out when engaged; I have found washer fluid in my spare tire compartment. There is nothing on line about this problem. What I'd really like to know is how to remove the third brake light assembly so I can inspect the hose to nozzle attachment...
  4. uberdiesel

    reverse camera

    Has anyone installed a backup camera on a 2013 Golf that works with the RNS-510 screen? An oem pop up camera that works with the rear emblem/latch is available for around $600. Is there anything less expensive? (I'm not interested in using another display.) Thanks.
  5. uberdiesel

    WVO available in Columbia, SC

    If you are interested in about 100 gallons next October, please PM me. Thanks.
  6. uberdiesel

    Oil pan protection

    I had great oil pan protection on my '05 Jetta TDI wagon. It was a very sturdy, steel cover that fit directly beneath the oil pan and bolted directly to the bottom of the engine block. It was OEM and fit like a glove. It saved my oil pan at least twice. I'm looking for something like that...
  7. uberdiesel

    2009 JSW Pano/6 spd manual/ for sale

    2009 Jetta Sportwagen Panoramic Sunroof, Six speed Manual transmission. OEM steel skid plate. Bosal european tow bar. Airlift. Meticulously maintained. I thoroughly enjoy this car, but with my family of seven, I need a seven-seater. Please call Tony Carvelas 803-466-3583 or email...
  8. uberdiesel

    2009 JSW Pano/6 spd manual/ for sale

    2009 Jetta Sportwagon. Excellent Condition. OEM skidplate. OEM Bosal European towbar. Airlift. (I never towed anything.) I love the car, but needed more room for my family of seven. Call Tony Carvelas at 803-466-3583 or email $18,500- plus tax and fees. Best Regards.
  9. uberdiesel

    Tiguan trailer module on JSW

    Has anyone used the Tiguan trailer module on an '09 JSW?
  10. uberdiesel

    JSW Tailer Wiring with Curt converter

    Has anyone used this part with good results? Thanks.
  11. uberdiesel

    Easy Repair: A/C Compressor Clutch No Longer striking OEM skidplate support

    I'm very happy to have had the OEM steel skidplate in place for the past 7,000 miles: When I examined the skidplate I could easily see the mark of the huge truck tire that would have destroyed my oil pan. I can't recommend these skidplates enough. There was absolutely no way I could have...
  12. uberdiesel

    Continental ExtremeContact™ DWS

    I'm looking forward to installing a set of these in the next couple of weeks. My stock Hankooks are very tired at 30k miles.
  13. uberdiesel

    A new 2009 Jetta Sportswagen TDI

    My 2005 Jetta Wagon was destroyed a couple of weeks ago in a front end collison. No one was hurt, but after 160,000 faithful miles of service, my car suddenly bit the dust. I'm bummed out, but the 2009 Jetta Sportswagen TDI I brought home from Tom Harper's in Knoxville is a great replacement...
  14. uberdiesel

    Mk4 in-dash Cup Holder

    $50 or make me an offer.
  15. uberdiesel

    Phat Box and Cable

  16. uberdiesel

    For Sale - OEM Bosal Tow Hitch

    Purchased from England. My car was totaled in a front end collision. Bosal Hitch and all components as listed in this thread: Looking for a home under a Mk 4 Wagon. It can pull anything. It has a huge (150 lb.) tongue weight capacity. N...
  17. uberdiesel

    Electrical Gremlins

    I'm having electrical trouble with my '05 Jetta Wagon. It started a about a year ago. I got into my car and turned the key: Alas, no juice. I noticed that the clock and mileage had reset to noon and zero, respectively. I used jumper cables to start the car. Alternator and battery checked out...
  18. uberdiesel

    Columbia, SC Biodiesel

    Any biodiesel near the Shandon/U.S.C. are? I've made a couple of fruitless searches on biodiesel searching websites. I did see a bumper sticker on a car advertising biodiesel for sale on Fish Hatchery Road in Cayce, SC. Does any one know anything else or anything more specific about that...
  19. uberdiesel

    Houston to Columbia... in 17 hours

    Loaded my wagon with my kids and one mini schnauzer, filled my tow-hitch cargo carrier with a couple hundred pounds of stuff; departed Houston at 4:00 PM (6/5)and arrived in Columbia at 9:00 AM (6/6). Averaged 38 mpg at 75 mph for over 1000 miles. You can't beat the Jetta Wagon for hauling...