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    Polar FIS+

    Any update on what version is most current and if it is any better than previous versions?
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    2003 Volkswagen Jetta wagon Mark 4 ALH for sale with lots of upgrades

    Hate to poo on your thread, but you are truly way out of wack here... Over 6 years ago I sold my 2256v/etc/etc mk4 that had $9500 in mods done to it, for $9000. It had 140kmi. And it was tough getting rid of it for that back then. Now dieselgate cars can be had for what you're asking or...
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    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5spd Silver/Blk cloth - NE Ohio

    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5spd Silver/Blk cloth - NE Ohio ~198kmi Pretty much every wear item replaced. Lifted w/ 215/75r15's. Self tuned for stock turbo/nozzles and upgraded clutch (IDparts quiet clutch kit). Typical front fender and hatch corner rust. Full Buzzken SS exhaust with cat and...
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    2003 ALH Wagon 5 speed in FL

    What did you end up selling for? I have a buddy looking to list his zero rust BEW silver wagon shortly.
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    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5sp Silver - Maintenance, Mods, Pics

    Maintenance & Mods: Word of mouth items done prior to my ownership: 100kmi - Timing Belt Kit (have sticker with 99,991mi on it) 150kmi - Starter, Thermostat, and Thermostat housing 160kmi - Front and rear Pads, Rotors, Calipers (Questionable ???????????) Purchased 2014_0402 @ 172,000 miles...
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    03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5sp Silver - Maintenance, Mods, Pics

    ******this post and thread will be fluid for a while until I get everything typed into it nicely******* 03 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5sp Silver - Black cloth interior - Maintenance and Mods Stock nozzles, IC, IC Piping, Has all headrests, and rear cargo cover (in perfect condition), glove box is not...
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    Malone 2.0 killed my turbo

    Can lightly slip a stock 03 ALH 02J clutch with just a tune, and you can FRY a stock clutch with nozzles and a tune on an ALH. So 5sec will be my guess.
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    Coolant temp not rising above 71°C?

    Do you have a grille block? It's not "super" cold here in Ohio that much, but on the "super cold for here" days (recent -20degF wind chill days), I can drive 15min on the highway before getting up to operating temp. That's with half the grille blocked AND the heater fan no higher than 3 lit up...
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    Polar FIS+

    Haven't visited this thread since my last post, which was when I updated to 2.5. And now I read in several posts that 2.5 wasn't as good as 2.4, which was the version I skipped over... OF COURSE 2.5 isn't as good as 2.4. I can't say I'm even remotely surprised by this anymore, just par for...
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    Hard Shifts from 1st to 2nd in Cold Weather

    This is the nature of thicker transmission lube when it's cold out. Drive more, worry less.
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    Polar FIS+

    Updating seems to be much easier now. Updated to 0.2.5b1 Seems to work fine. Not too many new parameters, but there are a few. One major one for me is finally seeing EGT. This may have come in earlier revisions, but as I couldn't update for a while there, I jumped from 0.2.1 to 0.2.5b1.
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    Polar FIS+

    Yes, i disconnected and reconnected the battery just prior to trying to connect. Then I disconnected the battery again, left it disconnected, and tried to connect to PolarFIS. Got same error message. What version are you running now?
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    Polar FIS+

    Went to try to update today with updater v1.8.1 and I cannot update. Updater shows connected and pulls the info from the device, then shows me a message that says, "Error (data-post)", then "Error connecting to server [42]". I currently have version 0.2.1 installed and it seems to be working...
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    2003 jetta wagon tdi part out

    Can you send a picture of your door seals? Danish8999 AT yahoo DOT com My beater wagon doors seals have kinda frayed/disintegrated in some areas, and new are too rich for a beater. Shipping to 44514 in NE Ohio.
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    Want winter fronts 2013 Jetta Sportwagen MK6 TDI

    I have one as well. Near Youngstown Ohio. Email Danish8999 AT yahoo DOT com to continue the conversation.
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    Polar FIS+

    My car sat for 4.5 straight days and outside and it's way colder now... I checked the SOC% (battery state of charge) on the dash prior to starting it. It said 100%. So it's not my battery. My guess it was the PolarFIS that killed it as Polar stated in Grigg3's comment above.
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    New cat back straight pipe affects on boost

    The boost control (and or your actuator rod adjustments) with stock exhaust was really not correct at all. Lots of sustained deviation between requested and actual. The way the actuator rod adjustment and the tune are working together with your exhaust modifications is way better with way...