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  1. 97B4TDi

    Suspension Upgrade Collection List

    Hello all, I was looking through the forum and couldn't find a definitive list of items to upgrade the road handling/feel of our Sportwagens so I thought I would start a thread that we could eventually turn into a sticky. What I would like to compile a list of is the other VAG parts that will...
  2. 97B4TDi

    VW 502 vs VW 507 strength/durability

    I was reading another oil discussion and I was wondering: Does a 502 rated oil have as good as, worse or better film strength/durability vs a 507 rated oil? Do the numbers simply refer to what year range vehicles/motors its acceptable to use it in? There isn't much information on the physical...
  3. 97B4TDi

    CP3 Pump Install Troubleshooting

    Hey guys I did a search but couldn’t find any similar scenarios so here it goes: I had the timing belt changed and a CP3 pump installed one week ago today and the cars running great for the most part but I had one small hiccup. I took about a 200 mile round trip today and I noticed it seems...
  4. 97B4TDi

    CP3 Conversion Head Count

    I plan on keeping my wagen for many years and I am struggling with deciding if I should replace the poorly designed CP4 pump or just run it. The car now has 71,000 miles with no issues but I've read stories of them going without warning or obvious cause. What have your experiences been?
  5. 97B4TDi

    2.0 Liter TDI Common Rail BIN5 ULEV Engine

    Interesting read! 2.0 Liter TDI Common Rail BIN5 ULEV Engine .
  6. 97B4TDi

    Large Cooling Fan Replacement

    Anyone here know the procedure for replacing the large cooling fan? TY!
  7. 97B4TDi

    Rear window Clicks but doesn’t move

    Hello I attempted to search but mostly found other questions unrelated to my experience today. It was a hot day and I went to roll the windows down before getting in from the outside with the lock cylinder function and the driver side rear window didn’t budge. I immediately checked the rear...
  8. 97B4TDi

    FS: 1997 Passat TDI - WI

    FS: 1997 Passat TDI - Neenah, WI Well mechanically cared for TDI Passat. High mileage but it runs well and the motor has plenty of life left in it. Timing belt recently done. Has slightly larger injector nozzles and an eco tune from Malone with a Dynamic Idle Clutch replaced at 293,000 now at...
  9. 97B4TDi

    LED Headlight Bulb Install

    Hello, I purchased a H7 and H15 LED kits for my JSW and upon popping the hood and pulling out the halogen bulbs I am unsure how these bulbs install. I didn’t realize that the bulb is held in by a plastic retainer. I’ve tried finding a video on YouTube and searching here but couldn’t find...
  10. 97B4TDi

    WTB: 2013 JSW iDParts Winter Front

    Look for a 2010-2014 JSW Winter front kit
  11. 97B4TDi

    JSW IC Hose Sludge Fix

    2013 JSW Hard Start This Morning in the Midwest Took a 120 mile mile drive for NYE, Parked it, Drove 120 miles home, Parked it over night. Hard Start this morning. Cranked, stopped, cranked, stopped, cranked, for 10-15 seconds and finally kicked off with a stumble which eventually...
  12. 97B4TDi

    ISO: VW Helix Wheel Set 18”

    Looking for a set of four (4) VW Helix Wheels
  13. 97B4TDi

    DSG S-Mode

    DSG S-Mode - 100%, Passing, Never? Just picked up a “new-used” 2013 JSW DSG. I came from driving a 5-speed Passat and it seems as if mode “D” on the DSG seems to lug the motor a lot during cruising around town. How many of you guys with a DSG pop it in “S” mode all the time? It seems like if...
  14. 97B4TDi

    WTB: MFSW w/ Shift Paddles

    Looking for a 2010 golf or similar steering wheel with paddles and airbag for a dsg. Thank you.
  15. 97B4TDi

    VCDS Tweaks - Neenah, WI

    Hello I just purchased a JSW and work in the Neenah, WI area. I was curious if someone in the area has VCDS and would be able to assist me with a few tweaks. Please & Thank you!
  16. 97B4TDi

    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    What kind of customization, service, trip or unique encounter did you experience with your MkVI-A6 today? I'll get the ball rolling with - PICKED IT UP! Just picked up a 2013 JSW - DSG with 58,000
  17. 97B4TDi

    JSW TDi Tune/DPF Delete

    Picking up a 2013 JSW in the near future and im looking for a reputable shop in the appleton, neenah, menasha, oshkosh area to complete a dpf delete, tune & dsg in the future - any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.
  18. 97B4TDi

    Alternator Belt Popped Off

    I went to Chicago over the weekend and I accidentally popped the alternator belt off on and extreme hill start. I understand I need to twist the tensioner to allow enough slack to put it back into place however when I do that the crow bar is in the way of putting the belt where it belongs. Do...
  19. 97B4TDi

    Another Blue Smoke Thread...

    Another Blue Smoke Thread...[UPDATE] Good morning, I have a '97 B4 Passat with 312,000 on the clock and in the morning I have started to get a decent cloud of blueish-white smoke until the motor has warmed up. The head was rebuilt about 30,000 miles ago so I do not think it is a valve seal...
  20. 97B4TDi

    Neenah, WI Vag-COM Help

    Hello, i have a '97 B4 tdi and I am dealing with a large cloud of blue smoke on start-up. I was wondering if there is anyone in my area with vag-com that can help me out and take a look at the timing with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!