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    (GASSER) FS: 2003 VW Jetta 1.8t Stg3+, Recaro, Sportec, Euro/OEM+

    Hi folks, hope nobody minds a Gasser Forsale Ad. Perhaps some is interested or knows of someone who is. Also want to extend a thanks for the "Upgrades" forum, where I learned quite a bit in performing many things that were done to the car. Special thanks to Lito for lots of general help...
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    WTB: MkIV Canadian Cluster / Face

    Hi, Recently purchased an FIS cluster while in Germany, and it has the Km/h face, which I like. However, I would still like an indication of Mph in case others drive my car, etc. So, I'm looking for a Canadian cluster face, or the whole cluster working or non-working, so long as the face is...