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  1. Hoffer

    Stronger skip plate?

    Stronger skid plate? OK, so I managed to push the OEM metal skid plate (which I bought before the aluminum plates where available) past it's limit this weekend. (Pictures to follow this evening.) Blew out an oil pan in Canada. Managed to JB Weld the thing together, and once I filled it, only...
  2. Hoffer

    Wheel sensor output

    Does anybody know what the output of the wheel sensors looks like (i.e. electrical characteristics)? I need either: Install a transducer and some magnets on a rear wheel Use the existing wheel speed sensor signalObviously, using the existing speed sensor signal would be ideal, even if it...
  3. Hoffer

    Odd power loss

    So I've noticed that lately my mileage has gone in the crapper. In addition, there was a hesitation in 2nd at about 3500 RPM, and in 3rd power would fall off a little past 3000 then seem to come back a little around 4000 before shifting to 4th. Being curious, I took VAG-COM out with me this...
  4. Hoffer

    Disabling ABS

    It's been a long time since I was active here, but hopefully I'll have some more time. At least I've been working on my car more in recent months, and that's been fun. So now to the question. What's the best/easiest way to disable the ABS? And please, no discussion on the merits of ABS. You...
  5. Hoffer

    Pittsburgh TDI Sighting

    Just stopped by Baum Blvd Automotive to fill up on overpriced BioDiesel (but the only game in town), and saw a silver TDI with an interesting license plate: H4X0R Anyone know 'em?
  6. Hoffer

    Triplex Antenna Cell Phone Connector?

    Alrighty, so I finally received my triplex antenna. Should get the MFD tomorrow. Now, the question of the hour is: has anyone figured out what the heck that connector is for the cell phone portion? I searched through the old threads, and none of the pictures work, and I can't find any other...
  7. Hoffer

    LEDTronic Red LED Brake Lights

    I've got a pair of LEDTronic 1156 red LED brake lights that I tried out on my A4 Golf. I've tried several different brands of LED replacements, and these are the best I've tried yet. They're a nice, deeper red than the standard bulbs. They are definitely more piercing when viewed straight on...
  8. Hoffer

    A4 TDI Oil Pan(s)

    Hey all, I've got two A4 TDI oil pans. The first has approx. 3000 km on it and is in flawless condition. The second has a hairline crack about an inch long about an inch above the drain plug that could easily be fixed with JB Weld. I didn't realize it only had a hairline crack until after I...
  9. Hoffer

    Euro cluster done, segment test question

    Yay! I finally finished my euro cluster install, complete with high pixel MFA display. It was remarkably easy (due to all the work by SVTWEB, tongsli, Michael Moore, et. al.), didn't have any problems coding it at all. Had a hiccup programming the keys to the Immobilizer, but that's only...
  10. Hoffer

    Power Mirror Question (A4 Golf)

    OK, in my owners manual, it talks about some feature whereby if you adjust the left (drivers) side power mirror, the right side power mirror should adjust as well, meaning you shouldn't have to adjust the right side mirror. I have not been able to get the right side to adjust based on left side...
  11. Hoffer

    Removing A-pillar trim

    Has anybody removed the A piller trim from an A4? I've got a 2003 with side curtain airbags, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I'd like to remove the A-pillar trim so I can neatly run some wires behind there. Is it hard to get that piece off? Thanks, - hoffer
  12. Hoffer

    Climate Control Upgrade?

    Hey all, I just bought my GLS TDI two weeks ago. I've been developing my list of things that will be added and changed and it's already pretty long. This is my first VW, but a buddy of mine has had diesel VW's as long as I can remember. My question is regarding the climate control system...