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    BEW intermittent rough idle (not cam)

    The last 6 months I've noticed an intermittent stumble at idle only after lightly reving (after a small reverse or slow move forward especially) and it has been slowly getting worse/more frequent. The RPM drops down between 830-870 and the engine kinda chugs then jumps back up to 903 by itself...
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    Subframe replacement needed - which one to get?

    I need to replace the subframe in my Jetta and was wondering if anyone had advice on what frame to get? I initially was looking at a used ones from a scrap yard or ebay, but the prices they are going for I'd rather just a get a clean/new subframe with new bushings. I see three available from...
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    Blew the seal cap / label off the MAP sensor!

    I just installed a brand new 3 bar map sensor this week while up at Jeff's (RC) getting re-tuned along with some other goodies installed. He updated my tune for all the new mods, and yes, the 3 bar sensor. Today during a quick launch and pull through 2nd, cel came on with p0101 (maf reading)...
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    pd100 injector life?

    I've been considering having the nozzles upgraded on my bew pd100 injectors, but was told this was a bad idea due to the high mileage on them (240k miles). Apparently the solenoids are good for about 300k and it's borrowed time after that. No point in dumping money into them if they are at the...
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    New intercooler & pipes installed, higher boost at idle and crusing now?

    I just installed the Darkside upgraded SMIC w/ 2'' piping kit on my BEW which still has the KP39 turbo installed (vnt17 coming soon). Running an RC1 tune. The intercooler is roughly 50% bigger than the original + added volume from the new 2'' piping. My IAT decreased about 10-15 F degrees now...
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    Intake manifold bolts ALH vs PD different?

    Putting a new VNT17 in soon on a 04 BEW. IDparts has different bolts/part numbers for the BEW vs ALH manifold bolts. The kit and al a carte from Bora has the same bolts, cross platform. I'm sure Bora has the right stuff, but curious as to the real difference or what the deal is?
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    2004 PD Vacuum hoses different than ALH?

    Are the factory vacuum hoses (3.5mm / 5mm) for n75, etc on 2004+ TDI's silicon or quality rubber? I will be doing a turbo upgrade and other maintenance soon and thought about these as I've never messed with them or had issues. Reading around looks like the ALH's all had rubber with cloth...
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    New turbo coming, high temp paint on manifold?

    Got a new vnt17 coming in and was curious if anyone ever painted the manifold piping before dropping it in? Thinking of using flat silver/aluminum VHT FLAME PROOF Header Paint rated to 2000 degrees. Only reason I'm looking into it is to prevent the rusted mess the manifold turns into over...
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    Upgrading turbo on BEW - new intercooler piping options

    I've decided to get a VNT17 to replace my aging, but still kicking KP39. I'd like to upgrade the intercooler and lower/upper piping in the process as the stock set up gets hot as it is. My current turbo outlet pipe will go right into the VNT17 from what I've read, but the pipe flange seems...
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    62.9 mpg with my pd

    This must sound questionable, unreasonable, and impossible, but I have managed to get 62.9 mpg @ 70mph with my 04. Thanks in part to the recent .658 5th gear swap. Prior to installing I've been getting 54-55 mpg this spring which is already high for most pd's, but the new 5th gear has proven...
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    Rear main output shaft seal leaking

    I had a new SB daily clutch installed back in October and did the job with a local guru. We had planned to keep the original RMS in place, but it was weeping a little and he somewhat reluctantly decided to replace it with the new VW seal that came with the kit. We did not drop the oil pan...
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    Transmission End Cover Gasket reusable?

    I just did a 5th gear swap on my trans and replaced the big rubber gasket with a new VW gasket after completing the job last week that came with the kit. Everything has been working great since, but I wanted to make sure the selector ring and clips are still ok. I also finished the job late...
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    5th gear swap on 04 and cruise control still works

    I installed a .658 5th gear today and got it out for a test drive. Everything shifted and performed perfectly. I was expecting cruise control to stop working, but even after a 25 minute drive in 5th, it stayed on. I do have a RC1 tune that was installed back in late 2011 and updated about 2...
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    When to retire stock turbo

    I've reached 225k miles on my original BW kp-39 and it's still running strong even with an rc1 tune. I consume a liter of oil every 10k miles, but otherwise no boost creep, bad noises or problems. I know these get a bad wrap for longevity, but most of the miles on it have been easy, very low...
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    torque spec of this engine/trans bolt

    I must be blind because I don't see it in the Bentley...what's the proper torque on this guy? (04 mkiv, 5spd 02J - passenger side into the differential and under the axle flange/inner cv): Thanks!
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    Found a leak after clutch replacement - confirm?

    A local guru put in a new clutch in about 3k miles ago on my 04 PD and I recently noticed an oily film all over the bottom of the panzer plate. I pulled it down to have a look...wasn't too bad of a mess, but there was oily residue and a drop of oil about to fall off the passenger side drive...
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    Died on highway, engine won't start, not relay 109, code 01314

    Driving home last night in my 04 PD, cruise control at 70mph. Just clicked over 222,000 miles and all the sudden I was decelerating and there no engine power. Lights, etc all remain on but slowing down and losing road noise I realize the engine is off. Able to get off an exit safely. Pull...
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    5th gear prices

    What's happened recently with the prices on the 5th gear swaps? It's been a year or so since I last looked into them, but I recall the prices for a taller 5th gear from the common vendors being around $300. They're all now $500...what gives?
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    Strange cruise control issue

    2004 Jetta 5 speed - This has happened about 5 times now - and strangely it seems to happen on very hot days...Car is parked all day, I leave work and get on the interstate after a mile or so of driving and a stop sign or two. Get into cruising speed in 5th and the cruise control doesn't...
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    When to upgrade intercooler / piping

    Curious as to when it's beneficial or necessary to upgrade the SMIC and piping on bew PD...Is the stock config more than enough with a VNT-17 w/ 2.5'' downpipe/no cat + RC2? Or is swapping the stock IC/piping really only once you go with a 17/22 or more with bigger injectors, etc? Not...