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    Dubs On The Rockies

    Anybody going to pikes peak raceway for this on sunday?
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    Tdi Parts Intercooler Pipe

    Installed TDIPARTS lower intercooler pipe. Had to cut one inch off to mate to BOOSTFACTORY Smic. Inital results, less smoke, better response . More mid range and top end power. Boost readings 1 to 2 lbs higher. Nice turbo silicone end . Gotta dyno this soon, with pipe and without. Seems to help...
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    4200 ft elevation uncorrected

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    last dyno with 1856

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    last dyno with 1856

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    whos making custom vnts?

    can tdi club members compile a list of vnt hybrid turbo builders in usa? especially larger custom hybrids aka 1856 or similar. am looking to stock high quality units for customers. thanks rw
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    stronger o2j ?

    any body modding these transmissions for drags, rally, etc...?