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  1. Andrei Rinea

    Bluetooth OBD Scanner with Fuel Priming feature

    Hi there, Does anyone know a bluetooth/wireless (not requiring a laptop) OBD scanner that would allow the user to prime the fuel system? Such as after changing the fuel filter or, God forbid, after running out of fuel. I did search for bluetooth, fuel, priming, filter, scanner but did not find...
  2. Andrei Rinea

    Floor plate dilemma

    INTRO : -------- Since I installed my Weitec sport suspension (4 coils and 4 shocks) which reduced the ground clearance by 1.57inch (40 mm) I hit very often a traverse piece of s.. err... "connecting strut for floor plate" seen in the below picture as number 7 : This thing bends when I hit...
  3. Andrei Rinea

    12sec Lupo TDI

    What do you say about this -> ? :D I think it's related somehow to Alligator, right?
  4. Andrei Rinea

    Part numbers for wastegated upgraded turbos

    I am looking for turbos to fit my 1Z engine (with fabrications, no problem) but non-VNT aka wastegated. The main candidates are GT17, Gt20 and GT22 but I couldn't find any part numbers here. Anyone can help me, eventually including price ranges? Thank you in advance, Andrei.
  5. Andrei Rinea

    Unable to query on-the-fly the ABS module :(

    I have an old Passat B4 with 1Z engine, ABS. I was trying to query during rolling the ABS channels and found out that I can't. Has anyone with B4s + ABS been confronted with this? :( Additional info in the CSV files with succesful logs on my car: 028 906 021 B 1.9l R4 EDC SG D44...
  6. Andrei Rinea

    Audi R10, the new V12 TDI competitor at Le Mans!

    World premier unveling at Paris: Audi R10 V12 TDI engine delivers over 650 HP First tests with this new engine have been successful Audi is once again one step ahead competition: the company will become the first car maker in the world to fight for victory in the endurance race of 24 hours at Le...
  7. Andrei Rinea

    Mods to the chip to accomodate larger nozzles

    My question is: What should the chip tuner do in order to accomodate larger nozzles (I dream of upgrading from Sprint 520 to PowerPlus 764)? I know there are 4 (?) maps IQ vs RPM, Torque limiter vs RPM, IQ vs throttle and InjectionTiming vs RPM. What should be modified? The guy is very flexible...
  8. Andrei Rinea

    No boost :( no matter what.. :(((

    I have been experiencing low boost for some time now. Althought the story is long I'd rather put it here reversed, namely I would start with logs / pics and then the story. Thank you for understanding.
  9. Andrei Rinea

    Counter hammer mod??! I want smoke...and power :-)

    How useful could this little hammer be for the hammer mod? I imagine it could move a little more precise the whole electronic thing on top of the pump. My main problem is that I had an unintentional hammer mod which kinda left me on the "lean side" and I feel I lost some power. I have Kerma...
  10. Andrei Rinea

    HP gain interval by chipping...

    Hello everyone and let me tell you I am a happier TDIer since 115 minutes ago )) I got chipped. Custom chip, the program is Race2000 (an italian tuning software etc.etc.) but the problem is that I didn't have the money for the dyno (although they had it in the same building) this day so I...
  11. Andrei Rinea

    how many +HP after chip+sprint520? vs. all stock

    I am deeply sorry if this has ever been posted before but I used the heck out of the search button looking for +dyno +chip +nozzles +dyno +chip +injectors +dyno +chip +Sprint +dyno +chip +PowerPlus and found topics that did not say what increase in HP was from all stock to Sprint520 and a...
  12. Andrei Rinea

    How does the clutch slip behave?

    In short: I read about cases where power mods (chip+inj+..) makes the clutch slip in 4th, 5th gear. Nowhere where I read doesn't say if it slips when you engage the clutch after shifting the gear or after that, being in gear and not touching the clutch pedal... Anyone?
  13. Andrei Rinea

    Strange startup sometimes

    Problem: -------- Sometimes when I start the car in the cold (in the morning) it acts a little strange: The RPM-meter (whatever is called) stays about half a line BELOW the normal idle speed for 2 seconds. In those short 2 seconds it runs rough probably because it is under-reved and it doesn't...
  14. Andrei Rinea

    How can you tell if you have a failing lifter?

    Hope I don't have a failing lifter but I want to know if you can tell easy when you have one. I am a TDI owner with a sense of preventive maintenance so to say... I listened to the engine bay with the hood open and I can hear some kind of faint cling-cling-cling sound in sync with the engine...
  15. Andrei Rinea

    alcohol injection?

    .. not in your venes I saw on VWVortex someone saying something about injecting alcohol in the air pre/post turbo to cool furthermore the air. Is this possible on TDIs? Is it useful/possible in general? A useful application would be cleaning intake but sure sounds funny... Any input (including...
  16. Andrei Rinea

    Alternative FMIC??

    I saw many relevant posts of FMICs and not a single one that I saw said anything about precise size of the IC. I am curious about the size because at you can order different cores even by specifying size but since I don't have size ... Anyways I was told that they are not too...
  17. Andrei Rinea

    What gearbox do I have? Really...

    My oil seal between the gearbox and the axle began to leak. So I went to Porsche (main VW dealer here) and asked for that part and they said they need the gearbox code. I asked where can I find it. They said something about a sticker in the trunk but could not find it. They also said it can be...
  18. Andrei Rinea

    Custom Cold_Air_Intake. Opinions?

    Reading many pages on cone filters, CAIs, hydrolocking, need for cold air, MAF killing by oily foam filters etc. etc. etc. I have come up with an ideea for a "CAI" : Using stock airbox (paper filter is good enough since it is used on VR6 engines and filters finer) I would install a 5 inch...
  19. Andrei Rinea

    Prices/Install for bigger pump and turbo

    So far I modded these to my car: -Sprint 520 injector nozzles from Kerma -Mufflerectomy (stainless 2.25 inch) in 1-2 months there will come a chip (Upsolute or CUSTOM ) But in the long run I have to foresee what has been left: -Bigger injection pump (I have heard of a 11 mm pump) -Bigger...
  20. Andrei Rinea

    T O T A L Mufflerectomy...

    How about cutting off the Cat and the 2 mufflers (B4 Variant Passat TDI) ? What would hurt except pollution? Is there enough backpressure from the turbo to make the engine run OK ? Any opinions welcome!