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    Where is Compass Module Located to Install Nav Unit?

    The 2014 Passat that originally came with an RCD 510 radio, the premium radio without navigation, the compass that shows in the MFI is controlled by a module under the passenger seat, at least in the North American market. It is the telematics module, 561035285, or 75 on VCDS. Please see...
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    2014 Passat TDI SE Premium Radio without navigation RCD 510
  4. GPS connection RNS 510 wide.JPG

    GPS connection RNS 510 wide.JPG

  5. GPS connection RNS 510.JPG

    GPS connection RNS 510.JPG

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    2014 Passat SE communication module
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    MKV Manual Transmission leaking at VW cover

    I did find a link to the cover on ebay that has good pictures of what's on the other side. The manual calls it a sealing cap and a good technical description would be a selector shaft sealing cap. The VW part number is 02A 301 252 D. It does not look like it has a gasket or O-Ring to seal...
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    Blown Head Gasket?

    I agree with turbodieseldyke. Unless you were running straight water in your cooling system, you definitely would smell anti-freeze inside the car. Take the cap off the coolant reservoir and compare the smell. You might want to borrow someone with a good nose, haha. To find your unsolved...
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    VW Passat B6 high fuel consumption

    The car's computer I'm sorry you're having fuel economy issues, one of the reasons we buy a diesel. I have a similar car, 2014 Passat SE TDI with 110,000 miles and am still getting a steady 45 - 50 mpg depending on how aggressively I drive. I assume you've checked your fuel economy manually...
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    MKV Manual Transmission leaking at VW cover

    My 2006 Jetta TDI with 5-speed manual is leaking at the VW cover on the bottom. There is very little information available on the best way to repair. The Bentley book does not address transmission repair at all. Can someone guide me with a step by step? Does the transmission need to be...
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    Compass problems?

    Early 2014 Passat SE My compass worked great for the first 3 years until the original car battery died. I think that trying to start the car with a nearly dead battery killed the module that works the compass. After installing a new battery, most times there is no compass showing. When it...