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    New!! TDI Club License Frames Shipping TODAY!!!!

    <moderator edit> DO NOT PLACE ANY FURTHER ORDERS UNTIL ISSUES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED </moderator edit> The new frames are in! Those of you who have paid, your frames were just dropped of at the post office. These frames have RAISED white letters, (not silk screened). They will ship the day...
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    New! License Plate Frame!!

    Well I was waiting for a respone for another frame sold here but could not get a response as to availability, or shipping time. So I decided to invest some money and have a really nice frame made. My wife has nothing to do all day so she can ship these EVERY day for anyone who wants them...
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    New Clutch Recomendations

    Well it looks like my clutch is going out, it smells like burnt brakes and is starting to slip going from first to second. The car has 118,000 miles on it (2001 Golf), it hasn't been chipped since it blew two turbos and a complete engine at 35,000. I will probably put .205's in soon. Any...
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    Can I put '02 wagon seats in my '01 Golf?

    Can I put \'02 wagon seats in my \'01 Golf? I have a chance to buy a new set of '02 Jetta Wagon seats with leather. They look like GTI seats. Anyone have any experience changing these. I believe the plugs are different but other than that it should be a simple bolt in. Correct? (My Golf is...
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    Help! Meas block 1 & 2

    Help! I may have changed block 1 & 2 (Engine, adaptation) when doing the egr mod. My computer went haywire, and I'm not sure what the values for block 1 & 2 should be. I have 33768 on block three now. Thanks in advance
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    MFI Cluster Installed - what is green indicator?

    I just installed MFI instrument cluster, It works perfect. Coded, changed mileage, everything is cool! However on the new tach there is an indicator light, it is green looks like a tach with the needle at 10 o'clock with an arrow pointing to the needle. It is always illuminated. What is this...
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    .205's or Upsolute?

    .205\'s or Upsolute? I really want the upsolute power! But with two turbo failures and a new engine I'm not sure if I'm ready to upsolute. My question is would .205 injectors give me something close to (or equal to) the upsolute chip? And wouldn't it be safer for the turbo (the source of all...
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    VWOA Does care about customers

    Factory Rep called me today and said he would like to give me a CD player for my car for FREE! because I gave up the turbo that was order for my car to get a forum member home from TDI fest quicker. It also turned out that my fear of having engine damage after two turbos going out were correct...
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    Help! Second Turbocharger fails!

    While at high altitude going thru steep terain three weeks ago my turbo broke into two pieces. The dealership just replaced it under warranty, yes it took three weeks! They told me car was ready when I got there the mechanic and service mgr could not figure why the car had HUGE amounts of...