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  1. BluFalcon

    FS: Mk4 Smoked HID Replica Golf Headlights

    I have a pair of European Spec HID Replica headlights with Glass Lenses for a 2005 (Mk IV) VW Golf. The lights are blacked out with projector style low beams, projector fogs, city lights, clear turn signal lenses, and standard reflector high beams. These lights were installed in my car...
  2. BluFalcon

    Front Passenger Door Won't Lock

    The front passenger door lock module in my Golf took a dump a few days ago. The module was stuck in the locked position and I had to force in the inner door handle pretty hard to get it to open. Ordered a new unit from a vendor, and installed it today. Before I put everything back together...
  3. BluFalcon

    FS: B4 Passat Bentley Paper Manuals Vol 1&2

    Got a set of great condition Bentley manuals for 95-97 B4 Passats. I sold my 97 Passat TDI recently and have no use for these anymore. $150 Shipped In CONUS For Both Volumes
  4. BluFalcon

    FS: 2.5 in KermaTDI Downpipe for B4 Passat TDI

    *EDIT* SOLD!!! I have a brand new 2.5 in KermaTDI Downpipe for a B4 Passat TDI. I bought it, opened it up to look at it and stuffed it into the closet for "later". Well, "later" never happened and I'm selling the car, so it's got to go. Brand new, still in the box with gaskets and...
  5. BluFalcon

    FS: 97 Passat TDI Arlington, TX

    FOR SALE 1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI 5 Speed $3500 OBO Clean Blue Texas Title In My Name. Current Inspection (Safety Only, Emissions Exempt) I've had the car since July and it's been my daily driver since then. It replaced my previous 96 Passat TDI, which I sold to buy this one as it was in a...
  6. BluFalcon

    For Sale: Garret GT-15 Journal Bearing Turbo/Exhaust Manifold $350 Shipped CONUS

    For Sale: Rebuilt Garrett GT-15 Turbo/Exhaust Manifold $250 Plus Shipping CONUS *Lowered Price* For Sale: Rebuilt Garrett GT-15 Journal Bearing Turbo Picked this unit up from a 96 Volkswagen Passat TDI parts car and had it rebuilt and balanced at Forced Performance Turbochargers in McKinney...
  7. BluFalcon

    Free: B4 Passat Tan Door Panels Arlington TX (D/FW Area)

    I recently replaced the door panels in my 97 with a decent set of Tan "Leather" door panels for my car. The ones that were replaced are in decent shape, but they didn't match due to a custom upholstery job done to the Passenger Front, and both rear door panels. The panels were recovered with...
  8. BluFalcon

    N108 Valve-R&R Without Removing The Injection Pump?

    My 97 Passat that I just picked up has been throwing a CEL and going in and out of limp mode. Sometimes the car runs great, then at others it just falls flat on it's face. Hooked up my Rosstech cable and pulled the code : 01269 Commencement Of Injection Valve (N108) 31-10 OPEN OR SHORT TO...
  9. BluFalcon

    FS: 1996 Passat TDI -292K Miles Arlington, TX

    FS: 1996 Passat TDI -$2500 OBO Arlington, TX SOLD: 1996 VW Passat TDI, Arlington, TX $2500 OBO "She May Not Look Like Much, But She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid." :D Black Exterior, with Dark Blue Cloth Interior, Black Trim/Door Panels and Tan Carpet (Sorry). Car has working Air...
  10. BluFalcon

    WTB: OEM B4 Passat Front Door Handles

    Looking for a pair of Driver/Passenger Front OEM VW door handles for a 96-97 Passat. Preferably with locks and key intact if possible. If you have a set lying around, or know someone parting a car out, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. BluFalcon

    96 Passat Climate Control Cables/Control

    I'm replacing the A/C Climate Control in my car due to the original not being able to cycle over fully to cold. I have the old one out of the car and I'm trying to get the replacement in, but I'm having a problem remembering which cables go where on the unit. I have two cables with black...