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  1. paramedick

    WTB ALH engine for 2003 Golf Auto

    Sorry I missed this. I have a few here taking up space.
  2. paramedick

    WTB: ALH Golf or Jetta complete chassis

    Once again, I have a wrecked TDI sitting at the home place. I need a complete Golf or Jetta ALH Chassis to transplant the motor and/or transmission into. I’m broken enough that I can’t chase and change a bunch of parts, therefore need a complete car. Nice/decent paint a plus. Please...
  3. paramedick

    $4,500 for 2003 TDI Manual Trans Beetle for sale Houston, Texas

    Forum rules requires a posted price.
  4. paramedick

    5 speed swap ALH

    Let me try for a weight tomorrow
  5. paramedick

    5 speed swap ALH

    To the top....
  6. paramedick

    5 speed swap ALH

    This tranny swap is still available. Previous deal fell thru. Ready for immediate installation. I MAY be able to ship via greyhound at your expense. Have to check weight of boxes.
  7. paramedick

    For Sale 2 MK4 Golf GLS TDIs in Greenville, SC

    If you don’t take advantage of this offer, you’re a fool.......
  8. paramedick

    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    Drove by the Chapin SC exit last week. So tempted To pull off and go see Dan.....
  9. paramedick

    5 speed swap ALH

    To the top!
  10. paramedick

    Q5 wheel help

    Thanks Brian. I have no experience with the spacers. A short pry bar with a 90 degree tapered end, a few taps with a brass mallet, and the spacer popped right off. There was a bit of aluminum corrosion holding them in place. Now to get the wheels rebalanced without the spacer.
  11. paramedick

    Q5 wheel help

    Thanks for reply. I’m unwilling to use two different offsets with the Quattro setup. Obviously, whoever did this prior to my ownership ran these wheels without extended wheel bolts. Biggest question. These appear to be “pressed” onto rim. Or glued. Not welded. However, they don’t move...
  12. Q5 wheels

    Q5 wheels

  13. Q5 wheels

    Q5 wheels

  14. Q5 wheels

    Q5 wheels

  15. paramedick

    Q5 wheel help

    Hi. Need some expert eyes here. These wheels were on my car when I purchased it at 16k miles. It was a VW buyback car, out of NC. I had two bent wheels on my Q5. I bought a spare set, and decided to have the damaged wheels repaired and powder coated. When I received them back, I discovered...
  16. paramedick

    Issues after DPF recall work?

    Sounds like my experience. Only difference is the service writer assumed I was stupid and told me “there was nothing wrong with it”. It only took them 2 hours to determine that after I brought it back....
  17. paramedick

    Baumeisters' Black '15 Beetle Convertible TDI

    Lots of those and beauty rings on ebay. New/genuine stock. Maybe you can find a deal.
  18. paramedick

    5 speed swap ALH

    I sold a gentleman my g’daughters 06 Jetta. He had two disabled beetles that I took in trade. Eric rebuilt them into one. The manual one went thru a plank fence and destroyed the body, but had perfect running gear. The auto one had the oil pan knocked off by a teenager. Lunched the engine...
  19. paramedick

    Baumeisters' Black '15 Beetle Convertible TDI Not perfect, and horrid color. Easily painted, and maybe defer some cost by selling the snow tires to someone in PNW.