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  1. klazzic

    ‘97 VR6 Sedan in Aurora CO salvage yard

    Lots of goodies present. I only took the front brakes… they make the stock b4 tdi brakes look likes toys haha… Glass seemed all good. Gauge cluster was present. Console was busted as it was likely locked. Anyways, heads up for anyone local.
  2. klazzic

    1996 B4 Front Suspension Finally completed (pictures)

    Awesome. The way it should have been stock.
  3. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    congrats jhax. I hope you get this gal in tip top shape again.
  4. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    So a little more about the 160k stock B4V: Previous original owner passed the vehicle to her daughter, who started having medical issues and could not drive stick or drive eventually... The car was put in storage. Someone put air in the tires and started it up every so often. The previous owner...
  5. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    UPDATE 15MAR21: I have decided to keep my modded Passat. The stock gal is the one I will part with. Sorry for any false hopes
  6. klazzic

    1996 Passat B4V in accident need

    TDIL3dad, I want to actually do something similar like some folks have done for hotrods or collectors vehicles. Present a stack of paperwork and make the case there weren't many of these vehicles imported etc. and get the correct type of insurance coverage to avoid fighting the insurance company...
  7. klazzic

    1996 Passat B4V in accident need

    Not sure if you are still in need of parts? I have both (US spec) headlights and maybe one running light you're looking for. I believe the headlights need a good buffing but can clean up nice. I would have to did the storage container out of my is currently buried.
  8. klazzic

    Another one bites the dust

    I read and followed your post back when it was fresh but didn't comment. Bad situation, sorry to hear about your B4 and good you're ok. I showed my friend and he reacted like :O Hopefully the drivetrain and misc parts can live on in another VW. I used to have a MK1 with a AAZ (1.9 TD) from a...
  9. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    Haha thanks. I know some folks don’t have a choice but rust and corrosion is something I’ve avoided ever since restoring a 70’s Chevy that needed all sorts of attention in that department.
  10. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    Hello jhax, I have the same reply to you as diesel truck at this point. Most likely the stock B4V is the one that'll go first as I'm less invested in it. I'll try and post details on both Passat's later. Seeing you're not that far away, you're welcome to PM and come check em out. Here's some...
  11. klazzic

    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    Hello dieseltruck, Here are some photos I managed to upload I need to type up the list of maintenance and upgrades. Not 100% on the price yet. I will not be able to recoup what I have in this vehicle. I need to run numbers first and...
  12. B4VSideShot


    Hood and top clear coat has failed.
  13. DriverDoorCard


  14. RearInt


  15. PassDoorCard


  16. FrontInterior


    Need to install new seat rail sliders. Current steering wheel is from gasser GLX
  17. EngineCompartment


    Not pictured: Coolant glow plugs bypass to LEDs to avoid popping a fuse when glow plug/s fail. No leaks from glow plugs.
  18. B4V_Front_I


    Drove this gal back from California and installed new ignition switch (when time permitted it). I almost got stranded in Utah...good thing popping the clutch did the trick. Not pictured: Depo brand headlights with HID conversion...huge difference. Angel eyes need LEDs installed.
  19. B4V_I.jpeg


    Side shot prior to California-Colorado trip. This is a real B4V TDI. Hubs and rotors are drilled out to accommodate 5x100 rims.