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    Beaufort SC / Savannah Area ? Need a radiator fan installed for a friend

    An elderly female friend has an 05 wagon that needs the large radiator fan installed. Anyone down there that can assist ? Not a charity, but it's not all that complicated either. I won't be able to get back down there for a month to do it myself. Thanks.
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    Headliner Part

    I had a shop recover the headliner in a 99.5. I found this under the seat a week later. Anyone know where it goes ? Thanks.
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    Who has a 99.5 ?

    Do you have a "cruise" lamp in your dashboard like the later a4's do ? I have tried 3 different stalks and none illuminate that lamp if it exists. The cruise does work and vcds does show all switches work.
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    97 Blurple Sedan Going to the Boneyard

    This one owner car was t-boned hard midship on the right side. Front right fender, hood, trunk and all left side is near impeccable. I wish my dd had sheet metal this clean. I'm pulling the engine out today for a eurovan swap. I'm not going to pull window triangles, or a switch or whatever...
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    99.5 cruise control stalk swap

    Is it possible to disassemble the turn signal/wiper stalk assemblies and swap in a different turn signal side ? The original turn signal side must have a broken neutral spring and every time you hit a bump, the stalk drops down into the left turn position. I put a later model complete...
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    99.5 intermittent rough idle, bouncing iq, white smoke

    I'm putzing with a problem child 99.5. Cold start takes more cranking than it should, makes a cloud of white smoke, bouncing IQ, rough idle (882-924). Drive down the road or blip the go pedal a few times, it (normally) normals up. Steps already taken to narrow this down include: replaced IP...
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    99.5 ecu 038 906 018eb wanted

    Anyone have one ? Socketed is better, hot start fix is more betterer yet.
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    Strangest Thing I Found Under The Hood

    Years ago we had a thread showcasing the strangest, weirdest, most outrageous things found under the hood, but I can't find it. Yesterday I did a BEW cam on a car purchased at a charity. Apparently someone had looked at the car prior to it being donated, and left this message scratched into the...
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    Removing Lock Tumbler in Glove Box Door - 00 Jetta

    I need to swap doors and need to swap the tumbler. Has anyone figured out the secret of removing the tumbler ? Thanks.
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    Replacing Drivers Door Lock Module, What Happens ?

    A friends 2003 Jetta drivers lock module is acting goofy, he already bought a new replacement. What happens when they are exchanged ? Do the key fobs still work ? Anything need relearning / reprogramming ? Thanks.
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    No Interior Lights 03j wagon

    No power to dome (sunroof works), neither above door courtesy or drivers sill lamp. But yes, there is power to the glove box, illuminated door controls and dash and there is Power at (good) fuse 14. Does this power source come from the convenience module ? Or is there another suggestion ? Thanks.
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    Audi TT LCA Bushings

    If they are so great, why do they rip apart within a few years ? I'm pretty disappointed they deteriorate so quickly, relatively speaking.
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    ALH Vacuum Pump Rebuild / Reseal ?

    Is the vacuum pump rebuildable and if so, has anyone found a kit to reseal / rebuild it ?
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    1.9 tdi powered Cessna 172 Silver Hawk So much for the discussion of why it can't be done.
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    2000 jetta tow hitch wiring harness

    Isn't there a pre-fab'd wiring harness somewhere, al-la plug n play to avoid cutting the vehicle harness ? I ran out of key words to search. Thanks.
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    mk4 bumper lamp pigtail

    Although the lens assembly is still good, the bulb holder pigtail is smoked. Does anyone have a source for either just a repair pigtail or the lens assembly with pigtail ?
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    DNOSD274 Injector Nozzles, NIB

    Maybe 15 years ago when I had some 1.6 and 1.9 diesels, I bought these 8 DNOSD274 injector nozzles from someone on the tex, Red xxxxxxx (rotor?) somebody. These are still brand new, in their original sealed plastic capsules except for one which was opened and used for a picture and to get the...
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    ve pump harness connector disassembly

    There's always a secret. How do you defeat the pin lock in the injection pump harness connector 1j0973835 ? I need to swap a cracked connector. Thanks.
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    What Happened to This Piston ?

    A friends 03j tdi ran away due to turbo failure, the cold side looked like something went through it, all the blades are completely flattened out across the diameter, hot side looks fine. I put a used vnt15 on it and started it, sounded OK but with a "miss". Compression test showed number 2...
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    New Beetle with 1350hp, Just For Giggles

    Not mine, just saw it on flea bay. Interesting.