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    WTB MK4 Jetta e code

    Donna hit a deer with her Jetta and took out the passenger headlight. Wondering if by chance someone has one or even a pair for sale
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    Electric Jetta? Anyone ever seen such a creature? Farce?
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    Saw a gold or tan golf hammering gears and rolling Coal as we sat in whispering pines parking lot west of Fremont. Also saw a lifted silver Jetta wagon in a driveway as we came home from White Lake
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    P1248 Cold Start advance code

    I was going to add to an existing recent thread but couldn't find it so I started a new one. Donna's car was throwing this code, with advanced timing off the chart and noisy throughout the rpm range. Also, the duty cycle for the N108 was stuck at 2.8%. Cold start timing actual was above...
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    Proposed Michigan gas tax Here it comes, they will be able to afford more salt for next year
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    Toyota crank

    Can someone provide me with the dimension from the face of the flywheel mounting surface on the crank to the bell housing mounting surface on the block of a Toyota engine? I want to compare it to the ALH dimension, which I have, to design my flywheel adapter
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    Tesla's can fly

    I just saw on the news where a Tesla Roadster that was launched into space earlier this year just passed mars. Open cockpit with a mannequin in a spacesuit.
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    Tracking devices

    In light of a members unfortunate experience of having his TDI Jeep stolen, can we get some ideas and experiences regarding tracking devices that can be used for recovery purposes when something like this happens?
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    erratic n75

    I was going to follow up on another thread that had the same faults as my ecu, but failed to subscribe, and can't find it. So I will start anew, his was solved anyway. Open or short to grounds for egr, glow plug relay, n75, n108, n239, and fuel solenoid. The other person's issue was resolved...
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    ECU wanted

    My ALH ecu, suffix BD, has short issues. Does anyone have one for sale, preferably tuned. Car is an '01 Jetta, 5spd, 11m pump, 502 Firads, and stock vnt15 turbo. Thanks
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    Detroit Central Station

    Anyone in the area and interested, the old train station in downtown Detroit is open for self-guided tours Fri 6/22 thru Sun 6/24. Google for details, cool old building. Nice to see Ford family doing something with it.
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    Has anyone had problems ordering from Darkside Developments? I just tried to order 2 turbo oil feed lines and the payment did not go through and the email link to sales would not open. Thanks:confused:
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    Borg Warner Turbo

    Has anyone had any experience with the B 39 replacement turbos for the ALH engine? Wondering how they have been performing and how reliable they have been. Thanks.
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    Separating ALH turbo

    Any tips on separating the turbo from exhaust manifold on alh? Pretty rusty, especially behind where the actuator mounted. I scraped, I scribed the parting line, I sprayed and brushed. Hammered along the manifold casting. Put it in a vise and sprayed inside with penetrant, so far no luck. Any...