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    Pano Roof Frame Leak

    Posted earlier about a leak in my 2011 JSW. The car went in to the dealer today because of some water dripping from the passenger side visor. I was sure it was the drain connection that so many people have complained about. The dealer found (at least what he's telling me) is there is a leak in...
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    Another Pano Leak

    Have a 2011 JSW TDI with about 75k on it, owned it for a couple years now. A couple weeks ago the wife said she was in the passenger seat and got dripped on. Sure enough, I pulled the little light behind the visor and it was very wet. Noticed the water stain on the headliner and then noticed...
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    Air Bubbles In The Fuel Line

    96 B4V, has an AFN replacement due to a tensioner causing the TB to fail and lots of interference happened. Lately I've had a noticeable raw fuel smell when getting out of the car after driving it. And sometimes could smell it in the car as well. Looking for the reason I noticed air bubbles in...
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    Electrical Window Issue

    Drivers door window, 96 B4V. Imagine that, it doesn't work! It slowly has stopped working over the last year, then would stop working either up or down until the next time I drove it when it would magically work again. Then it seemed like if I pushed the switch harder it would work sometimes...
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    steering wheel

    96 B4V, here's a link to the photos of the backside of the steering wheel, and the part it mounts to.!i=4267669857&k=TVQVH6Z I have no idea how to upload photos to this forum. My horn has not worked in quite a while, is the worn and...
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    FS:Seattle AHU Block

    Did an engine swap due to a broken TB, this block has about 180k on it. One of the pistons has a chip in it, was running great before the TB went. It's been sitting in my driveway under a tarp and it's time for it to leave. Prefer a local pick up, I may even be able to bring it to you if...
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    Windshield Leaks

    I don't want to go through another winter in Seattle with a leaky windshield. I posted something awhile ago - and just sort of dealt with. Sometimes I just can't park it nose up on an incline... It sounds like an aftermarket brand windshield...
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    Rear Axle Beam Bushing Tool

    I know it's on here somewhere, a photo, actually a bunch of photos of the homemade tool to press in these stupid bushings. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could send me that link? And why do they have to make them uneven like that, seems like a flat headed bushing would work just as...
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    Identify it

    What is this and what's it do? I was trying to figure out why my horn doesn't go "beep" anymore, and was looking at the group of grounds under the washer fluid area, and I didn't know if this could have anything to do with it. There's an empty spot next to the 20amp fuse, is it supposed to be...
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    WTB: VCDS Cable for 96 B4V

    Anybody have a cable for sale? I'm needing a Ross-Tech VCDS cable for my 96 VW B4V.
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    where can I find these?

    I'm doing an engine swap in my 96 B4V, and am having a difficult time finding a few items that work alright, but need to be replaced. And of course trying to avoid going to the dealer. Already paid double for a oil pan gasket from them. One is the intake to the turbo (not sure the actual...
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    motor mount install

    96 B4V, recently had a timing belt fail, a piston was cracked so I am in the middle of swapping in an AFN motor from Frans. the install went very smooth, a long 12 hour day with LOTS of help from member Annieness, but ...... with engine in place, the front motor mount is not situated as it needs...
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    motor mount
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    Steering Rack Loose?

    Due to a timing belt failure I'm into a engine swap project, 96 B4V...thanks to Annieneff for helping... I wanted to do a couple things while the engine bay was empty. One of which was tie rods. While moving the tie rods all the way in and out, to one side or the other I could feel a "bounce"...
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    No Start

    So, its a 96 B4V with about 175k, nothing recently has been done to it and has absolutely no problems with starting in the past. Head was redone about 2 yrs ago (I was losing coolant) and the TB was done at that time. I was on the freeway the other day traveling about 65 mph, and it abruptly...
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    Rear Hatch Lock

    96 B4V, the other day put my key in the rear hatch lock to open the door, and when I pulled the key out the tumbler came out with it. Is there a replacement part for this? I've done a little searching but not having any luck. Is there a particular name for this? thanks
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    No gears

    96 B4V, 160k. Recently had a passenger side axle shaft come off while driving, the bolts apparently just worked themselves out. One had actually sheared off and I had to get that out of the transmission flange. I had posted this event on here earlier. So eventually I re-greased and re-bolted...
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    Checking for Damage

    -'96 B4V, 160k. So I'm cruising on I-5 Northbound yesterday (Seattle area), and I hear what I think is a rock bouncing around underneath, than another....than a bad noise and vibration. So I pull over and decide it's a good time to call a tow truck, AAA just paid for itself.... again. First...