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  1. BKmetz

    Buying a 2015 Passat after its sat for several years

    I sold my 2014 Passat 6mt back to VW because it had no fix. I took the money and bought my 2015 Passat mt which has a fix and extended warranty on the engine and emission systems. I'm amazed a 2015 Passat 6mt is still available. That car is a unicorn. The demand for any VW TDI with a manual...
  2. BKmetz

    TDI fans help doom diesel car in US

    Troll alert. Post at your own risk. :unsure::rolleyes:
  3. BKmetz

    Manual gearbox oil change

    Back in my B4 days I changed the gear lube every 100k miles. Times were simpler back then. G50, a full synthetic 75W-90 was all one needed. I never did chang the gear lube in my 2014. It had 108k miles on it when I sold it back to VW. I don't know much about the G52 gear lubes except that those...
  4. BKmetz

    Mk TDI Wagon Roll Coal

    Agreed. :cautious:
  5. BKmetz

    Battery Replacement for 2015 - VCDS or NO?

    Varta and Interstate are both owned by Johnson Controls so that does make sense. :unsure:
  6. BKmetz

    Another heater core?

    On my 2014 Passat SE I had two heater cores replaced under warranty. The third heater core was starting to plug up when I sold the car back to VW in Jan of 2018. No Problem with the heater core yet on my 2015. :confused:
  7. BKmetz

    Battery Replacement for 2015 - VCDS or NO?

    To reinforce what Fixmy59bug said, no battery module in the NMS Passat. All you lose is the trip odo and the clock setting. My battery saga. :)
  8. BKmetz

    How good are the 2013 18" Passat wheels?

    It's not just a VW thing. ALL 18", 19", & 20" wheels are at high risk of bending the bead. Shorter the sidewall the higher the risk. I too switched to 16" wheels from a base Passat S model. I picked up some nice 16" alloys for a Wolfsburg Passat for summer and steel wheels for winter. High...
  9. BKmetz

    Upgraded TDIClub forums

    Maybe. Dark Reader has a developer menu for those who know how to code. Way over my pay grade. :)
  10. BKmetz

    New owner oil question

    I'd do the same thing. The 10W-30 507 oils use different additives to prolong the catalyst system. For only a few days of use a 0W-40 505 oil will have no effect on the catalysts. Drive more and worry less. :)
  11. BKmetz

    Upgraded TDIClub forums

    I use Firefox browser with the Dark Reader add on. It's great. Here is a screenshot of my post. :)
  12. BKmetz

    How to upload photos in Xenforo and use them in your posts

    Everything works until I get to item 5. I'm not getting these menu options. I have dropped photos directly into my posts from my PC but I would still like to have what I post on TDIClub stored with TDIClub. :)
  13. BKmetz

    Quick question - Power steering fluid

    For the 2000 one can use Pentosin CHF 11S green can. Read the link in the second post. It explains a lot about 202. To add what I know, 202 is for VWs 2005+. 11S is NOT synthetic based. 11S is a highly refined and purified mineral oil. 202 is backwards compatible to all VW power steering...
  14. BKmetz

    Quick question - Power steering fluid

    The OP doesn't state which car he is adding power steering fluid to. It makes a difference. For the 2015, look for Pentosin CHF 202 white can. Pentosin is not really generic but it is readily available at NAPA and costs less than VW's product. 202 is 100% synthetic oil as is the equivalent spec...
  15. BKmetz

    1.25" Curt Hitch, Basket, and accessories for NMS Passat

    SOLD!!! A client of jasonTDI bought it. :)
  16. BKmetz

    analog clock issue

    My 2014 never did this. My 2015 clock hasn't acted up yet. After several months the clock would drift off a minute or two but that's about it. The analog clock is suppose to be synchronized to the MFA. Any time drift would be from three areas: 1. mechanical drag from the internal gears and/or...
  17. BKmetz

    CV Joints video- 2014 Passat TDI SE

    Go to YouTube and do a search on VW CV joint replacement. You won't find an exact video with a NMS Passat, but after you watch a dozen videos or so you'll have a good idea how to go about changing a VW CV joint. :)
  18. BKmetz

    Thoughts and Prayers for oilhammer's Family

    Brian Johnston (AKA oilhammer) and his wife Lisa lost their son Noah to a lifelong battle with Lowe's Syndrome, a genetic disorder. They lost their other son Nicholas to Lowe's Syndrome in 2017. Funeral Information: Brian & Lisa Johnston will be having a celebration of Life for Noah on...
  19. BKmetz

    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    As the title states, this is the 2021 TDIFest discussion thread. We did it before, and we can do it again! (insert music) :)