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    A/C help Detroit area

    My A/C went to pot this morning compressor turns on no cold, anyone around Utica area?
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    WTB 02a pelican

    As the title states
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    My CJAA, DSG swap in my 80 Rabbit truck

    Back in 2004 I built this when body kits were popular, we'll it's been in my shop since 07, i'm going to resurrect it I'm gonna take the body kit off but leave the topper on, since my mk2 gti I'm waiting for parts I'm going to start on this one I just picked up the motor from Jimbote which is...
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    2 1/2 in flex coupler

    I'm looking for a flexible coupler like what is on the mk4 tdi, it needs to be just as flexible asthenia stock one, I've looked many places but all I've found are stiffer anyone know somewhere I can get one
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    WTB long Beach wheel

    Hit a pot hole bent one of my rims anyone have one
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    mk2 TDI or 16V

    Well I'm up in the air as to what to do, I have a golf original 16v with all the 16v stuff including all trim and in really nice shape, I have a ahu dying to go into it, should I leave it 16v or Just drop the ahu into it, it came with 2 complete interiors 1 leather,1 cloth and honestly a ton of...
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    mk4 ECU in a mk3 harness

    im looking at putting a mk4 ECU and engine harness in my truck for more tuneability, im wondering if anyone has attempted this and if so id like to hear more
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    2005 Jetta TDI 5 speed new body style

    SALE PENDING I have a 05 Jetta TDI 5 speed I got for the wife but she wants an automatic so to tell a little about it It has 188467 miles on it, I just replaced the can,lifters, new timing belt,water pump, tensioners, and glowplug harness, replaced 1 glowplug, I changed the clutch to a single...
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    2 nd annual Tennessee GTG [canceled]

    Hey Fellow TDI guys I'm gonna have to cancel our GTG, due to family health problems my brother is very Ill and we may have to travel to Michigan, I apologize about this but it can't be helped.
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    My AHU TDI Corrado

    Well with the truck on the road I'm gathering my parts for my Corrado swap, I think its time and I have a fairly nice shell to go ahead and get it started.
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    I need a volkswagon appraiser for my insurance

    i need soneone who can give me an appraisal on my pickup to get a accurate what its worth to replace
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    vnt-15 -300 miles like new

    I have a vnt-15 that has less than 300 miles on it new actuator and manifold ...500.00. Shipped
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    WTB ACtuator for BEW Turbo

    I have a rebuilt turbo for a BEW the stock borg warner turbo but my actuator is bad, im wondering if someone has a bad turbo but the actuator is good.....let me know,
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    04 bew no start

    Recently i purc hased an 04 jetta wagon bew auto. When i bought it the guy said he crossthreaded the oil plug and got shavings in the motor so he pulled it down and rebuilt the bottom end , he said he replaced the cam bearings also, he put the motor back together and it wont start, i dont know...
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    IP question

    i have a 04 BEW PD and i am wondering what the bar pressure at cranking be? mine is 2.3 it doesnt run so i cant check it at 4000 rpm
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    04 jetta wagon (bew) immobolizer

    i have an 04 jetta wagon (bew) anyone know about resetting the immobilizer
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    Air conditioner high pressure hose

    can anyone tell me on the high pressure side of the compressor you have the notch on the hose end that fits in the compressor, does that notch have to be there or can i make it round and forget the notch and still make it work
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    hard start

    yesterday i started up my golf 2000 tdi and it didnt fire right off i thought i may have just let thr key go to quickly so i hit it again and it died hit it again and it fired up so i didnt give it any thought till i got to the job and went out to start it and this time it cranked and would not...
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    WTB an ALH camshaft

    As the title states