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    Panoramic Sunroof Alignment

    I'm pretty sure that my panoramic sunroof is not in the fully closed position and needs to be adjusted. This is on a '12 Sportwagen. . The front edge of the sunroof does not sit flush with the roof. When fully closed, I would estimate that it sits 1-2mm too low and 1-2mm open. See the below...
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    RCD510 from 2014 Jetta

    ***Sold*** RCD510 out of my 2014 Jetta. $325 shipped. In great shape. I upgraded to the RNS. pm me here or reply if interested.
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    Heated Seats Help

    This question applies to a Jetta GLI. It not diesel, but I was an active member on here when I had my Golf TDI so I though maybe you all could help. There is a lot of knowledge in these forums. I installed heated seats into my 2014 Jetta GLI (base). The interior came out of another 2014...
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    2012 Golf TDI - Candy White - Northern CA - $18000

    I am the original owner. Picked up the car in Sept of 2011 from LITHIA VW in Denver, CO. Vehicle is located in Sacramento, CA 2012 Golf TDI Base Car has 39,800 miles on it. 4-Door All stock 6 speed manual Car has zero issue. Runs/Drives great. Excellent condition. I have the...
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    Can a CR TDI be Push Started?

    I have a '12 Golf TDI with a manual transmission. My question is: If the battery dies, can these vehicles be push started/pop started like a traditional gas manual vehicle? Havent had any dead battery issues but I was wondering this just today. Will it cause my HPFP to self destruct?! :p...
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    New 2012 Golf TDI w/ factory accessory

    Picked up our new 2012 Golf TDI last Thursday. Great little car. Complete opposite (almost) of the 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X we got rid of. Evo was a great car. Fun, AWD, etc... Not a daily though, and Denver does not require AWD as much as I tried to convince myself that it did. No problems with...