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    After deer strike, need to adjust driver door

    Is there a good source of how to adjust VW doors, and in particular Mk4/A4 doors? I have a driver door hanging low after a deer strike. Not being experience at bodywork, I am at a loss. Any howto pointers are welcome.
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    TDI starter not turning (ideas needed)

    After not driving one of the 2002 TDIs, I started it up, and found that the ignition switch was intermittent, or so I thought. Today the intermittent switch became a hard failure. So I did what most people would do...replaced the switch. After nearly 20 years and over 300k miles, I figured...
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    New 2015 (recall) Jetta TDI - right groutp?

    Is this the right group for a 2015 Jetta TDI recall vehicle? Also, is there a fluid/spec list? Specifically, I am trying to find the correct DSG fluid for this new vehicle (to me). Working on getting a owner's manual.
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    99.5 Transmission Stuck in 5th at stop

    My 99.5 Jetta TDI has several incidents of getting stuck in 5th after stopping at an intersection. The car has 350k miles on it, and the clutch is original. Looking at other, older threads here, I see people checking transmission fluid, 5th gear and synchro, clutches, forks, etc. The posts...
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    ALH Freeze Plugs

    I am trying to understand where all the freeze plugs are in the ALH. There is one in the cylinder head, on the TB side, and there is one on the coolant pump. Are there any others?
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    Slow coolant leak only when cold

    My 99.5 is running with the system unpressurized, and has been for 7 years. It is far easier to do than to keep replacing the o-ring that leaks on the cross pipe. This past weekend it drained the overflow bottle. The leak happens at night when it is cool, and not during the day. The leak...
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    Coolant fans, DRL, and now AC

    Several months ago, my wife complained that the DRLs did not work on her 2002 Jetta TDI (5 speed MT). Then I got the car for a month, and changed the struts, shocks, LCA, horns, and so on. I noted that the AC was anemic, some times, but generally worked fine. I live in the country, so lotsa...
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    2nd gear grind after turbo replacement

    My wife's car had a turbo die on a trip. Got it towed home by a VW buddy, and replaced the turbo. Then she complained that the transmission sounded funny. I tested it and found grind form 1 to 2, almost unavoidable. She denies that she had any problem with it prior to the turbo...
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    When to align and what to align on front end

    I am interested in thoughts on when to align a Mk4. Specifically, when changing a rack, or tie rod I will set the toe. If changing out a LCA or a ball joint I will check the toe. I figure that the camber and caster being off is a sign of bent parts, which probably should be changed. So...
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    white smoke, low power

    A family member was on a road trip, 500 miles from home, when all of the sudden they noticed white smoke, and dropping power. A VW buddy picked the car up, and I hope to take a look at it tomorrow late afternoon. Here's what I know: New fuel 100 miles before incident, tank does not smell like...
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    no power - throttle actuator failure aka go pedal

    On an 02 Jetta TDI, the car would intermittently lose power. The car would idle fine, but would not "drive" and there was no response from the throttle actuator, or what we might call the "go pedal". Well it failed quite a way from home. I am documenting this for the next person, to give them...
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    Flaky ignition switch, then no AC

    This thread is to document what I found after a year of watching electrical issues. TDI Jetta, 2002, about 260k miles. Owned since 2012, with no information on the prior owner and service history. -sometimes, when turning off the engine, the trip odometer and clock would ero out -then it...
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    White Smoke, broken intercooler

    Without covering the full saga, I have an 02 Jetta which is blowing lots of white smoke (fuel, not coolant). It has an intercooler which has blown apart (o-ring hanging from it), and is giving me a 19561 code. While I work on that code, I thought I would see if the busted intercooler would be...
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    Italian Tuneup

    I have several A4s with similar symptoms: CEL light with only glow plug code. Replacing glow plug makes the code disappear for a while, then it comes back. Upon inspection the glow plug has some carbon on at least one of the four. Injectors are worn, but still working good enough. One...
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    clock and trip zeroed on shutdown, and ABS+brake+chimes

    I have a daughter who is in town for the holiday and her 02 Jetta is chiming and zeroing the clock and trip when she turns it off. I searched around and the best I found was that cleaning grounds may help. I did that, very thoroughly, and put things back together, and it continues to act up...
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    P1550, ScanGaugeII high LOD, 99.5 ALH

    On my 99.5 ALH Jetta, I am sometimes having the following happen: -accelerate onto expressway, in 3rd, and when RPMs exceed 3200, the engine backs down and will go no higher than about 3000 RPM. Shift to 4th, and there is plenty of torque -on long trips at 75 MPH, the engine sometimes throws a...
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    Lenoir NC?

    A family member is in Lenoir NC and needs a A4 TDI alternator swap. PM with recommendations appreciated.
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    AC not working and Fan Control Module

    Two days ago AC was working fine, today it is not. Pressure OK. Checking pressure switch, it appears to be OK. I have not found the ambient switch to test, but my guess is that it has not cycled, and is probably not the failure. Turning the ignition on, with the AC set on, the radiator...
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    99.5 Turn signal cruise switch compatability

    The 99.5 TDI Jetta's cruise switch is dieing. It is worth it to have a working cruise control, and unfortunately it is just too intermittent, and is frustrating to use. So I'd like to get a switch. The VW listed part is 8L0 953 513J, which has a single button the the end. The part I would...
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    Stripped nut on A4 sway bar strap

    It appears that I have a stripped nut on the sway bar to control arm linkage strap. Has anyone fixed this before, and what did you do? Or am I looking at replacing the control arm? (I'd rather not right now, since it otherwise seems fine.