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    P2002 code yesterday

    Any recommendations of local mechanics. I brought it to 413 Auto shortly after buying it just to do an oil change and give it a once over. He seemed pretty adamant about keeping it all stock, even after the warranty runs out. I see People's Auto in Somers listed also. Only about 15 minutes away...
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    P2002 code yesterday

    Is MIL just another name for CEL? I am unfamiliar with the acronym.
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    P2002 code while driving last night

    Looks like I made a redundant thread. The other one already has a reply, so can a mod please flush this one or tell me how I can? I see how to edit, but not delete.
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    P2002 code yesterday

    Read codes at AZ this morning. It cleared the CEL. 154K miles, '11 JSW 6MT Should I expect it to come back? Any advice appreciated. I did get a new intake from VW under warranty at about 120K last fall. Pretty sure I'm out of warranty, so I am open to mods, mainly for mpg, reliability...
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    P2002 code while driving last night

    Near the end of about a 550 mile day I got a CEL maybe about 10 miles after filling up the tank. Took it to AZ this morning and pulled the codes. P2002. Scanning it reset the CEL. Haven't driven a lot, maybe 25 miles since with no recurrence. It is an '11 JSW 6MT. 154K miles. VW replaced the...
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    P2002 code

    I have an '11 Sportwagen 6MT. 154K miles. Got a CEL last night. Had the codes read at AZ this morning. P2002. Plugging in the scanner cleared the CEL. Hasn't come back yet, but it's only been driven maybe 25 miles. I was under the impression that I am off warranty, but after reading this...
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    '11 JSW 6MT 120K miles. Time for a tune/delete?

    SS, hi. Looks like the Kerma non-delete may be the way to go. Are you doing it soon? If you do, would like to see how it does. Maybe a little Kerma v stock drag race!!!
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    '11 JSW 6MT 120K miles. Time for a tune/delete?

    Haven't had any dpf issues yet, but I do make it a regular habit to see 4K during onramp 3rd gear pulls or other long uphill stretches. Haven't pulled a trailer yet, although I do have a hitch to put on and a utility trailer. So I will be doing some trailer pulls for just the reason I see...
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    '11 JSW 6MT 120K miles. Time for a tune/delete?

    Just got a new intake courtesy of VW warranty (P2015 code). I plan to do the dieselgeek fix to avoid future P2015 issues. I am also considering a tune/possible delete as I think I am about out of warranty. Everytime I try to read the warranty definition, I just get a headache! Can someone...
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    Check engine light P2015

    Just got a new manifold at 120K under warranty after getting the dreaded P2015. Plan on doing the fix soon. I have seen what appear to be knock offs of the dieselgeek fix for less. Has anyone used these? The DG fix really isn't that expensive and I believe is American made, so I will...
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    Improved mpg after new intake?

    Just got a new intake on my '11 JSW 6MT, by Lia VW, warranty coverage, after P2015 CEL. Kudos to Lia!!!! The first dealer I called said it wouldn't likely be covered. They are in Enfield, Ct. Yesterday on a drive I make frequently, I did a fair bit better than usual for that drive according to...
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    Time to delete/tune?

    Hope I get that sort of mileage out of mine! Have you done any other mods or deletes? How is fuel mileage and power at 400k? I would expect a little compression loss by that time.
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    Time to delete/tune?

    Bought my '11 JSW 6MT about 18 months ago with 55k. Had absolutely no issues until a CEL a few weeks ago at 119K. P2015 code. Called Langan VW in Vernon, Ct. I was told only the HPFP and one other thing, forget what it was, was covered by the warranty. Then called Lia VW in Enfield, Ct. They...
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    //// Best RPM to drive at for MPG for ALH /////

    The highest gear without lugging sounds best to me. While an engine may be most efficient at the torque peak, you are pushing a lot of air out of the way at that speed. If you can put along in the same situation in the same gear, at 1300 rpm, you may be running at a lower efficiency, but you...
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    Dip stick oil sucker thingy

    That's a good idea. Next time I'll suck it dry, then pull the plug.
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    Dip stick oil sucker thingy

    Who uses this method for changes? I have for each of my '11 JSW's changes and I love it. I could change my oil in a suit if I wanted too. No crawling on the ground or taking the 49 screws out that hold the belly pan in place to get at the drain plug. The 50 bucks or whatever it was I paid...
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    Best tire pressure

    Recently bought a set of General Altimax RT43 tires, 205/55R16. Very happy so far. They ride nice, quiet and handle well. Stopped to check the pressure a few days ago. Didn't ask the tech what he filled them to, so I checked the door jamb label which says 35 front/rear. When I checked them...
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    What Problems Are You Having with Your Buyback Cars?

    Bought my ‘11 bone stock JSW last April. No troubles to this point. Bought with 55k, currently at 88k. Fantastic car, so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CPO Warranty coveage?

    If you can prove they did the repair, you might have something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk