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    $38K Mk7 TDI

    Who need power. What do you do with it? I tool down the highway @ 80+ and get 50+mpg. Do you drive faster than I. Doubt it.
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    Air intake ?

    ever try to compress water?
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    $38K Mk7 TDI

    If mine ever gets totaled thats what I would replace it with. We get an easy 50mpg hwy all the time every time.
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Cleaned interior windshield, rearview mirrors & headlamp covers in preparation for a lengthy road trip.
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    Found a 2015 Golf 6MT buyback car for sale

    ^^correct and wouldn't trade ours for any other wagon out there.
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    Longest commute.

    when I had a job 200 RT
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    brake pedal going to the floor

    Brake pedal should never hit the floor.
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    Ea288 oil consumption

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    Resistance shifting into 1st gear

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this. How long have some of you folks been driving?
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    Resistance shifting into 1st gear

    Every manual vehicle ever owned I always go to 2nd before reverse or first. Always.
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    How good is the AC?

    Good enough for Death Valley
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    GSW Suspension Upgrades

    Special Active Shock #8745-1324f & #8245-1326r
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    GSW Suspension Upgrades

    Any part #'s for the SA shocks? Hard to find
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    2015 Gold Sportwagen

    The increase wasn't but a few MPG. Our last road trip was 4400 miles and we averaged over 53.
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    2015 Gold Sportwagen

    I got a mileage increase after phase 2
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    Just Tires.

    I ended up with BFG A/S and am very pleased. Stock size but should have gone with a different aspect ratio.
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    Fumoto valve for GSW TDI ??

    Fumoto valves are fantastic.