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    Cooling fan turns on and off

    to start this off, my parents have an 06 Jetta tdi and I noticed when you drive it the fan turns on and off a lot. My dad said when you turn the car off while the fan is on, it should turn back on when you start the car. The fan doesn’t turn back on after turning the car back on. Is this a sign...
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    Quantity adjuster issues

    I have a 1998 VW Jetta tdi 1.9 manual. I had swapped another ahu motor into the car because my other motor was no good. As said I was doing a timing belt job because the motor had been sitting for some time, my father said it had ran strong when he had it, unfortunately he couldn’t find a body...
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    I have a 1998 Jetta tdi 1.9L manual, engine code ahu. I am doing the timing belt on my car and ran into a problem, I cannot seem to get the mark on the flywheel aligned with the camshaft, any help would be appreciated
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    Timing problem?

    Almost a year ago I bought a 98 Jetta tdi 1.9l 5 speed manual engine code ahu, car did not run when I first bought it, took it to a mechanic and they found a crankshaft sensor was damaged or not working, they replaced it and the car ran horrible with no power, took it back and they said the...