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  1. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    N. B. I believe? With an order of 10, 10 and 10.... your order is bagged up and will be dropped off at the Post Office later today. I tend to keep about +1000 crimps on hand so most of the time orders are dropped off at the Post Office by the next business day. Thank you for your purchase.
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    Show what you tow!

    5X8, it "handled" just fine, wasn't swaying or anything. Empty, I was able to cruise along at 70 to 75 MPH with out issue. When the pins loaded up, I was pushing the limits of what the engine could handle and still do 70 MPH uphill in 5th gear (east Tenn). Still handled fine. It wasn't...
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    Show what you tow!

    Out of town friend text messages me with some pins to be had for cheap. I snagged a trailer and hit the road. The point of contact may have more money pits as well. Saving some slices of Americana history.
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    Passat B7 varian control module 09 missing long coding

    When you get legit hardware in hand and registered, post a fresh Auto-Scan and I'll have a look.
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    2015 Jetta VCDS lacks ROD file

    I think that has been fixed in the current beta version, but only the current generation HEX devices (HEX-NET and HEX-V2) can use the current beta. In the near future a new standard release of VCDS will come out that will work with the HEX+CAN and that should resolve the issue. Regards.
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    Show what you tow!

    Another bad investment.... Funhouse.
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    VCDS price changes

    IMHO, it is dirt cheap. Look at how much other Pro tools cost from Snap On, AutoLogic or OTC... what do you get for $600? HEX-NET Pro, +11 VINs, so 11 VINs = $54.55 per VIN 15 VINs = $40 per VIN 20 VINs = $30 per VIN 25 VINs = $24 per VIN 30 VINs = $20 per VIN From Snap-On, one of the...
  8. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    I've been reborn. :P My account went inactive, so I guess when it was made active again by the admin, I became a newbie.... but I'm the same ̶j̶e̶r̶k̶ guy that has been around here for 12-ish years.
  9. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    SG Tool Aid SGT18980 Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Kit at Amazon. This is the kit I use. Once things slow down a bit for me and I have some more free time I'll put together a video with more information. I've got loads...
  10. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    I've got a fist full of these ready to ship out. If you are doing any kind of wiring repair or modifications, then is the correct way to do it.
  11. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    I know my product meets VW/Audi specifications. I don't know about the 3Ms units. The issue with low quality versions is the the sleeve is more prone to splitting during crimping. With the "weaker" sleeves, this can be an issue because a compromised seal can lead to failure down the road. If...
  12. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    I'm not 100% sure of the price, but I think the small yellow ones, 000-979-940, are maybe $3.25 list... each. I'm selling them for less than what the dealer can purchase them from the VW/Audi parts depots, hence, I sell a fair amount of these to dealers... after I spent 4 evenings creating a VW...
  13. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    I've got fistfuls of these ready to ship. :)
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    OEM wheel database now has 120 rims!

    I need to do a lot of things.... but here I am, being lazy. I hope to do some updates in the future, I've gotten pics here and there but just haven't made the time to sit down and sort through things. The project isn't dead, but to be fair, it isn't living much.
  15. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    Part numbers: 000 979 940 000 979 941 000 979 942 I've updated my site for selling the OEM Butt Connectors: If you deal with wiring harness repair, these are the correct butt connectors as specified by VW and Audi. You will find these at any dealer...
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    More than OBD Tracker. What do you think?

    Interest for what? For a company trying to roll out a big project, why is there no info? No company name. No links. Nothing.
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    More than OBD Tracker. What do you think?

    I think you are spamming a lot of forums with this same bit of text. Not saying this is bunk, but for a company trying to roll out a big project, why is there no info? No company name. No links. Nothing.
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    FS - OEM butt connectors!!

    Bumping this back up to the top. Are people needing the blue ones? If there is enough interest, I can start stocking them. Cost should be around $10.75 for 10 units with price drops for larger orders. Would there also be any interest in ring terminals with the heat shrink?
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    cant stay connected to BEW w/VCDS

    I've seen it act like a bull in a china shop. Nothing against bulls mind you. Norton is no better IMHO. There are known issues of those two causing problems with VCDS, but generally with the install from what I know. I use the basic antivirus software from Microsoft and have no issues. But...
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    cant stay connected to BEW w/VCDS

    :eek: IMHO, you would be better off with something else. Have you tried AVG?