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    Fender Subwoofer Part #

    My 2015 Sportwagon Highline has the Fender sound system, but the sub was missing when I bought it. Looking online, there seems to be different ones depending on which VW model. What part number should I be looking for? Sub questions, does it matter Fender vs regular sound system or...
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    Strange Adblue Warning

    The other day I started getting Adblue warnings, which I guess is normal once it gets below 1000KMs. After the warning was down to about 900KMs, the warning stopped. Now I'm getting a warning that says 2400KMs remaining. Anyone seen anything like that before? I'm concerned if something is wrong...
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    Removing sunroof glass

    Looking for suggestions on making this job easier. I left the sunroof tilted open. Fortunately it didn't rain, but it was windy and now the rolling sun shade is covered in little bits of leaves and flowers. Wondering if there is an easy way to get the glass out of the sunroof without having to...
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    Audi S5 TDI

    0-60 in 4.8 seconds? *Sigh* another model we won't get in NA.
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    Which Subwoofer?

    My MK7 GSW has the Fender Audio system, but the subwoofer was "removed" in between the trade-in and the dealer where I purchased it. Wiring is still there. So... Will the Fender sub from any MK7 Golf fit? I ask because I see two different looking items on EBay...
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    Get It While You Can

    VW XL1 diesel hybrid.
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    Slightly different version of the FM 87.7 problem

    I have seen a bunch of posts about a problem where if you shut the car off while the radio is on FM, next time you start it tunes to 87.7. This is happening to me now, but before that the radio would display 87.7, but still play the previous station I had been listening to. So it's probably the...
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    What kind of wheel is this?

    Post says it is an aluminum wheel, but the "official" VW parts page doesn't list it. Just trying to figure out what the set would be worth used. Thanks!
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    Nav System: Street name instead of number

    Asked as part of another thread, but hoping to get more eyes on the question here: Is there a way to get the nav to say the street names and not county or route numbers? The street name appears in the directions in the gauge cluster, but the system announces things like "turn right on county...
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    What happened to my XM?

    Don't really use the XM radio that much, but I do use the traffic reports. The other day my traffic reports button stopped working and just displays a subscribe now message. However now the XM radio channels are working. I haven't subscribed, so curious as to what may have happened. I know there...
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    Neat features you wouldn't have noticed...

    ... unless you read the manual, or poke around in the system settings. - Rear wiper comes on in reverse if front wipers are on. I found this check box in the settings somewhere, otherwise I would have never known it did that. - There is a storage spot under the floor for the cargo cover (which...
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    More 2015 TDIs Available

    Actually they have been for a few weeks, but haven't seen a post about it. Looks like the lease returns have been approved for resale now. Still plenty to choose from. My local dealer has had two low mileage (<10K) TDI Highline wagons for a few weeks, mostly because they are asking $37k for...
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    Importing from US

    Has anyone recently tried importing a newer VW recently (MK6 or MK7)? Speciifcally a TDI as they might be treated different now because of the scandal.
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    2015 Trim Levels

    Been shopping US sites looking for a newer TDI Sport Wagon. Of course the used sites never really tell you the true information about what is on the car, or what trim level it is. Can someone fill me in on the clues to look for in pictures that tell what trim level a car is? For example: The...
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    Wheel Sizes

    Just a basic question, since my 2004 Golf is going away and I was looking at a 2015, is there any chance I could carry over the 15" 195 60 15 winters or 16" 205 55 16 summers that I already have, or won't be feasible? Worst case, is it possible to get new wheels and fit either of those tires? I...
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    Write Off?

    2004 Golf TDI, now pushing 303,000 KMs. Just hit a manhole cover that had come out of it's base and took out the oil pan. Shut off right away. Think they will write it off?
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    Tall Wagon

    While in Cozumel, I noticed many of the cabs are what looks like a tall MK Golf Wagon. I don't think they were branded as a Golf though. Anyone know what these are called?
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    Sulphur Smell

    Hi All, I don't belong to any other car forum, so thought I would ask here since there are lots of people with mechanical aptitude. My wife's Santa Fe starting getting a really bad smell in the interior. Most signs point to the catalytic converter, but the smell seems to be only in the cabin...
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    Compatible Coolant

    Is the "OEM Compatible" coolant they sell at Canadian Tire okay to use? I know they say it is for VW TDIs, but what they say isn't always compatible with reality.
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    Buybacks, cashback and current TDI pricing

    If one were to buy a used TDI now, who would get the cash back and has anyone seen changes in pricing? My theories: Assuming it would be me getting the money back as the newest owner, I can see prices going up, with the sales pitch being that I would be getting money back from VW. On the...