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    Watch a Guy Turn an Old VW Jetta Into a Pickup Truck in Just 30 Minutes

    Smyth Ute Hey Andrew, I do have some pics, but no idea how to post them on here. I tried once (long ago) to post some and had no luck at all, so I didn't really try this time. I'll study up on postings and will put up the pics after paint, as it's a bit ugly right now.
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    Watch a Guy Turn an Old VW Jetta Into a Pickup Truck in Just 30 Minutes

    Smyth Ute in Raleigh Just finished my UTE on the first of May (started first week in April) Donor is an '01 TDI (265K) totaled for rear end damage As far as structural integrity, the conversion is built like a fortress. Now looking for a painter to make her complete. I'll answer questions when...
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    Did this come from the car?

    Sub Mat It looks like it may have come from the heavy mat UNDER the floor mat. It also goes up behind the dash to provide sound deadening between the engine bay and the cockpit. It would be a very convenient and close source for an industrious mouse.
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    Intermittent windshield wipers

    Wipers stop mid swipe I have an '03 as well, and my wipers will stop while operating. I get them to restart by going to the fastest speed, or going to the wash position (so far no one seems to have noticed that I am washing the windows in the rain). There are times when I have to push it into...
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    900 miles!

    Thousand mile tank Hey Roman: Yes it is possible ! I've had more 1000 mile tanks than I can count. My '03 has sprint nozzles, 205/70 Hydroedges, and .681 5th gears. I drive @ 60 mph (1800 RPM w/.681), and the 205/70's puts the speedo spot on. When the light comes on you have 2 gallons left...
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    WTB: Fog Lights for 2002 Beetle

    Beetle Fog Lamp I have the 1C 0941699b lamp complete (includes clips and fasteners). It is not new, and has some sand abrasion. Will sell for $35 shipped. Let me know. Thanks, Bob
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    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Bio Hey Dan: Any confirmation from BioJoe? NCRoadWarrior's report was encouraging, but as he noted, it is better to get the news from the Boss. Thanks, Bob
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    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Bio Thanks Dan. I'll keep watching !
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    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Bio? Hey Dan: Will there be Bio from Winsboro? I could use another 30 gallons. G3F still not complete -- perhaps a debut in Asheville. Thanks for hosting the absolute best GTG's. Bob
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    I've got to know, anyone getting 60MPG in town with multiple high mileage tanks??

    Inaccurate SG II I have a Scangage that is INACCURATE! It does not recognize that I am off the pedal (9999) until the RPM's get down to less than 1100 Rpm, thus I get a different adjustment factor every tank, based on the time I am off the pedal, i.e. more accurate in highway driving and much...
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    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Thanks Hey Marauderer: Thanks for the tip! I have no idea why I couldn't find it. I tried it from the opening post. Thanks Again, Bob
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    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Parts available Hey Dan: Will be attending, unfortunately NOT in the G3F! I have stripped the donor, and have lots of interior parts available (beige). The front clip is gone but I have a good rear bumper complete (blue) and Sunroof parts. If you know of anyone who might be interested (I...
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    WTB: Multiple ALH Items

    Antenna Base I have one from my '01 G3F donor. $30 shipped to you. Bob
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    Doin's at Dan's

    G3F Update Hey Dan: The "Kit Car" project is finally underway! I stripped out the '01 a couple of weeks ago (parts everywhere) , and last Saturday it was moved to Greensboro where the conversion work will be done. The cut manual is nearly done, and the "beheading" should begin any day now...
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    WTB dark blue fuel filler door for 2002 Golf

    Oops, you're in Montana. Not to worry, I'm an equal opportunity shipper! Bob
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    WTB dark blue fuel filler door for 2002 Golf

    Blue Lagoon Metallic I have the gas door from my '01 Jetta, but I think it is the same. Also have the actuator. $45 shipped to FL. Let me know. Thanks, Bob
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    WTB: LH Mirror assembly power and heat for 02 jetta

    Blue Lagoon Mirror I have what you need in Blue Lagoon Metallic. If the vandals did not damage your black outer cover, they are easy to change. $50 shipped to MI.
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    TDI Mechanic in Greensboro NC

    Calvin had it right! If you want it done right see JimBote.
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    WTB: MKV "Dark Red" Taillights

    Mk4 Tails I have a pair. Not sure what you mean by "Dark Red". Mine are from an '01. $50 or $60 with the 5 light mod. Let me know. Thanks, Bob